Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alive And Well

Yes, dear readers, I’m alive and well. I haven’t left town. I haven’t had trouble with my computer. And I don’t have one (or both) of my hands in a cast, which would keep me from typing. There is absolutely nothing keeping me from writing for my blog aside from lack of interest and lack of motivation. Maybe even lack of imagination, although I don’t think I’m quite there yet. I do have a number of posts that I’ve started but haven’t finished. Hopefully this week I can polish them up and add them to my blog.

While the garden sleeps, and while many of my winged and wingless backyard critters are away in warmer regions or hibernating till the spring, I’ll be writing about other things to keep this blog alive. These other things will include just about anything: recipes, book reviews, indoor plants, trivia, humour and so on; a real mixed bag.

I’m also considering dedicating a few days of the week to specific topics. For example, seeing as people don’t know much about ferrets, I may dedicate one day of the week to sharing information about these unique and unusual animals. I think Friday might be a good day for that; I could even name it ‘Ferrety Friday’.

And how about ‘Silly Sunday’? A day dedicated to humour, be it knock-knock jokes or funny pics. Or ‘Tuesday’s Trivia’? A day that will include posts with information about a specific animal or flower or garden tool or insect or some such thing. I’ve even thought about ‘Wacky Wednesday’, a day where I could add weird posts consisting of unusual stories and events that I could find on the internet and share with my readers.

These are some of the things I’ve been considering for my blog. All these ideas are still up in the air with the exception of ‘Ferrety Friday’ that I’m quite serious about. It would be nice to share information about sweet, lovable ferrets that most people know nothing about; animals that are commonly misunderstood and often mistreated.

Anyway, so that’s pretty much what I’ve been pondering about my blog lately. Since I’m someone with a variety of interests, my posts should reflect that.

What does everyone think?

Oh, Bailey...


  1. Doesn't hurt to try; some bloggers can make semi-scheduled posts work and some can't. (They don't really work for me: I don't like the idea of narrowing my options for a post in advance, just because of the day of the week. But this doesn't mean I mind if anybody else does.)

    In any case, it's your blog. If you wanted to, you could make every day's post just the word "poop." Might not get as many readers that way, but nobody would actually try to stop you.

    Except maybe your family.



    At least, I hope your family loves you enough that they would try to stop you.

  2. I just read Mr_Sub's suggestion and I'm still laughing and shaking my head .. what a character ??
    Hey .. I wrote an e-mail yesterday so you wouldn't think I fell off the face of the earth myself .. an almost type of reno 'hell' is still sitting in the kitchen .. what can I say about all renos and THIS house ?
    Bailey can certainly shoulder her own posts for one day a week (that way she can give us all the gossip then !!) hahaha
    Joy : )

  3. Hey there, Martha! I'm glad to see you back---for a while there, I was wondering if you had run off to that tropical island after all. :-)
    As far as blog subjects, I think it's entirely up to you. I've enjoyed all your posts---from the serious to the silly. And don't worry when you feel uninspired---we'll wait. Your posts are worth waiting for, I think.

  4. I'm with you Martha, for trying different things ... that is exactly what I'm doing. I was thinking that maybe I've been blogging too long and things are getting repetitive. I've run out of garden related topics, except for the odd one here and there. But I do have my crafty side which I can post about. And of course there is always the weather to blog about! Don't let the opinions of others stop you from doing what you want to do. I've set up some topics for various days of the week too and plan to use them throughout the winter months. I'm sure we will get over this bloggy blah feeling soon.

  5. I too say blog about whateva you want. We all started out as garden bloggers, but guess what? Ain't no gardening in winter. I immensely enjoy reading many blogs, some with a defined subject matter, others not at all. They're all fun as long as the writing is good. So don't feel pigeonholed - write about all your interest, share tidbits, do the odd book and movie review and in general - have fun! This is for you and no one else.

  6. Mr. Sub, I’m not sure which way I’m going to head right now. My problem is that I have trouble committing to anything when it comes to my writing and I’m worried that I won’t keep up with the days that I’ve dedicated to a theme. I don’t mind Ferrety Friday; I spend a lot of time with my daughter’s ferret, Bailey, and I’m sure I could write a lot of things about her. We’ll see.

    Oh, and my family doesn’t really read my blog, so there’s no one to save me from myself :)

    Joy, yup, Mr. Sub is definitely a character; I suppose that’s why he’s one of my favourite bloggers.

    Don’t worry about having fallen off the face of the earth. Chances are you’ll find me there too.

    I think writing about Bailey and her ferrety world will be fun. She can be my blog’s mascot :)

    Hiya Beth! I certainly thought about running away. But then there’s Bailey :)

    Thank you for that wonderful compliment. I do enjoy writing on this blog despite the fact that I’ve been feeling less motivated these days. This time of year, when the outdoors is so bleak, it’s difficult to feel inspired about anything. And since I’m fairly new at this blogging thing, I guess I’m also trying to figure out what direction I want to take it. I am having a good time, though. And learning new things as I go along. I’ve always been an information junkie; now I have a place to put all that ‘useless’ trivia I collect.

    Crafty Gardener, you’re absolutely right! If you’ve been blogging for a long time, it feels like you’re being repetitive. And in some ways it ends up being that way since you’ll want to touch on certain, interesting topics again and again. I’m always interested in the opinions of others, but it never stops me from doing what I want to do. After all, there’s no admission to read my blog, and people are always free to visit another one.

    Tatiana, my dear fellow canuck, you got that right: ‘ain’t no gardening in winter’. Canada is not the place to support year round gardening, unless it’s the indoor type. And since I have an entire website dedicated to that, I want to do something else with my blog. I will definitely stick to a variety of subjects. I think I’ll have more fun with that.

  7. I think everyone is changing their focus these days! Must be that time of year!
    I have always liked the idea of having a blog theme for a day. I am in no blogger shape to be doing that myself right now, but even if you miss a week, so what? I don't think people will say, "well, jeez this isn't worth reading anymore. I mean, she actually dared to do something else instead of write a blog??" :)
    Like you told me, "go crazy with it!"

  8. Pale Gardener, changing focus this time of year is a given. The outdoors is pretty dead right now. There's not much to write about it. Maybe when the snow arrives, I can add a few pretty pictures and a post or two about that.

    Ha're right about skipping a week. I don't think anyone will much notice...or care for that matter!