Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Blog Look

So I decided I needed some change in my life, and rather than abandon my children, dump my husband, empty our savings account and run away to a tropical island where I can lie on the beach in glorious weather (and where there are no piles of laundry to be done, meals to be prepared, rooms to be cleaned, dishes to be washed, toilets to be scrubbed, ferrets to be cared for (I still love you Bailey!), gardens to be maintained and houseplants to be watered, fed and groomed, I would simply change the look of my blog.


Whoa there. Let’s rewind for a second and take a closer look at what I just said.

Tropical island?
Glorious weather?
No household chores?

[ where did I put my passport?]

Meh. Who am I kidding? My savings wouldn’t get me past the plane ride. So changing the blog name it is.

I might even change the name of my blog eventually. I mean, since it’s not just about plants and plant-related stuff perhaps I should use a name that’s more appropriate, a name that fits the ‘any-topic-that-comes-to-mind theme’ of this blog. And a name that fits my personality. No, I will not be adding the word wacky or weird to the title, thank you very much. Although unstable and unhinged are being considered.

Let’s ask the panel of experts what they think about all this?

Jeez, you guys haven’t been any help at all. All you’ve done is clown around. Maybe I should ask the insects for their opinions instead. They’d probably be more helpful.

[sigh] Maybe not...

(all pictures above are my own)


  1. Hi, Martha. My previous comment seems to have not gone through, so I'll try again. Your pictures and the captions were hilarious! Thanks so much for the Monday morning laugh. I like the new look for your blog and the quote in the header, as well. I'm sure your new name will be equally good. I hate to admit it, but I've had the same header for the whole time I've been blogging---over two years. I'm sure people must get tired of seeing it every time they click on my blog.

    I know your family must be very relieved you're not heading off for that tropical island. :-)

  2. I like the new look! Nicely done!

  3. Wow girl ! You are going to have to show me how to do these things for my blog ! I really NEED to shake my blog up a bit .. I think ? haha
    Things are still a bit chaotic here .. I'm finally trying to scrub out the house today (then run errands and groceries tomorrow) it just seems every day up until John leaves for Cuba, we have something going on .. I get tired just thinking about it ? haha
    I love this new look and I had a great laugh over the captions !!

  4. Hiya Beth! The comments section of my blog acts a little weird sometimes; I don't know what's up with that.

    I had such a good time putting these pictures together. Animals can be so expressive in photos that you can't help but have your imagination go nuts.

    Don't worry about not changing the look of your blog; it's not necessary. I think I get bored too easily and look for things to do. My blog has only been up a few months, so it clearly didn't need a new look.

    I joke about running away with my husband. Once in awhile my husband gets a funny look on his face like he's not sure if I'm joking or not...:)

    Hi Liza, thank you! I had a great time putting this new look together, and you can bet that if I get bored again, a new look will emerge.

    Joy, it's nice to find you in my comment area! I needed some type of change, so here it is. One day we'll sit down and work on a new look for your blog if you're interested.

    These days I've been running errands and doing some work around the house that I'd put aside during the summer. The outdoors is completely void of garden life; it's sad. I hope spring arrives quickly!

  5. Love the new look! It's very elegant and the colors are great.

    Tickets to Cuba are on sale right now if you really need a break :)

  6. Hi Tatiana, thanks! I admit it was much too soon to change the look; I was just bored.

    Cuba sounds great. I wonder if my family will notice I'm gone if I sneak away for a week or so :)

    Hi Karen, thanks! I changed the look of the blog to feel like I'm doing something on it. There hasn't been much I've felt like writing about these days. Perhaps this week I'll get back on track.