Monday, November 9, 2009

When You Run Out Of Words...

...say it with pictures...

November has proven to be a really slow month for my blog. I feel like I’ve run out of words. Literally. Whenever I sit down to write something, I type out a few words and stop. So far, I have a page full of incomplete sentences and incomplete paragraphs, each one unrelated to the next. My writing has become a series of bits and pieces that I can’t string together to form a satisfying blog post. I’m left, I don’t know, unsatisfied. And somewhat fustrated.

It reminds me of the feeling I get when I sit down to have a bowl of cereal, only to find that a few crumbs are left in the box; not enough to satisfy the appetite. Not that my family would do that. Nope. They’d never leave empty boxes of cereal lying around because they’re too lazy to empty them out and place them in the recycling bin. No, they would never leave cereal boxes in that condition, hoping I’d run across them eventually and take care of them, being as responsible as I am. They wouldn’t do that with cereal boxes. Or potato chip bags. Or cookie boxes. Or juice containers. Or milk bags. Or cream cheese containers. Or soft drink bottles.


My family is rotten!


[shake, shake, shake] Yup, my container of words is quite empty lately. Not sure why. Maybe my imagination has slowed down (heaven forbid!). Maybe I’ve been busy with so many other things (I’d like to think it’s that). Or maybe I just don’t have all that much to say these days.

“I don’t know, water roots lady. Seems to me that you’re blabbing up a storm here”

Very funny.

In any case, if you find yourself short on words, say it with pictures. And that’s what I’m going to do today. Below are some shots I took about three weeks ago when my husband and I took a nice long walk on the K&P trail, which is a 15 kilometer, multi-use, semi-urban trail that is available to the public for a variety of uses, including walking, hiking, cycling, horseback riding and cross-country skiing. They are the only autumn photos I’ve taken this year (I’ve been quite the slacker). I hope you enjoy them.

(The little birdhouse and the well are so charming)

(I don't know what it is about them but I love barns)

(Not exactly the ocean, but it will do)

(Open green spaces are beautiful)

(An ocean of leaves)

(These were over 4 feet high!)

(A little flower still hanging on)

(Undisturbed nature)

(A lovely solitary tree)

(The beginning (or end) of the trail)

No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one Autumnal face.

- John Donne -


  1. It's always easier to write when you have new photos of the garden, plants or nature to look at. Winter is definitely a harder time to be inspired.

    I especially love that last shot of the path through the trees, with the fall leaves underneath, very enticing.

  2. Another way around writer's block is to search for what other people have said on the same subject. Either you learn something, and can talk about that, or you find people saying really stupid things, and you can talk about that. And also sometimes you find interesting new blogs to follow.

  3. Your photos are lovely...and your words had me grinning from ear to ear. I am soooo glad that i"m not the only one with a rotten family, lol!

  4. I agree with Mr. Subjunctive, surrounding yourself with other writers often helps. Don't beat yourself up, I'm sure you'll find inspiration soon. In the meantime, photos are great.

  5. Whew - I'm not the only one. It's hard to transition a garden blog into a winter blog. We also don't have the kind of stunning fall vistas that people more south of us have. (see MySecretGarden for instance).

    I too have started a few posts, and abandoned them. It's not that there's nothing to say, but all of a sudden instead of writing about our adventures in the yard we have ALL the topics in the world to choose from. So what to focus on? Should there be a focus? Or just write about anything? Decisions decisions...

    And I HATE bits of cereal in boxes, so ahem, great analogy!

  6. Northern Shade, it is so true what you are saying. I tend to take a lot of digital photos outdoors and then think up a story after I take a look at them. Lately, there hasn’t been much to photograph, so I guess I’m a little stuck. I’ve only has my blog for a few months, which makes it my first winter dealing with it. It’ll all work out. Anyway, the last photo is my favourite too! It really is quite enticing.

    Mr. S, yup, great idea. I’ve been visiting blotanical a little more than usual lately, reading posts and discovering new blogs of interest. I’m sure this is a temporary phase. It happens to me now and then, and as frustrating as it is, it eventually goes away. I sure hope so. I have 7 unfinished articles for my water roots website that I’d like to get to soon!

    Inadvertent farmer, thanks. I take about a gazillion shots whenever I’m snapping pictures in hopes that a few will be worth a mention. This trail was really beautiful, so it was easy to land a few good ones.

    Hi Good to Grow, thanks for stopping by to offer some advice. I should be back on track eventually. This happens once in awhile, and then it passes. I hope it does this time too!

    Tatiana, that is the truth. During the spring and summer, I was able to be outdoors, photographing all kinds of interesting things, including all the critters hanging around the back yard. Basically, I was able to have a constant flow of outdoor material that I can work with. Now I find myself short on those topics, so I’m trying to shift into other areas. I’m going to make my blog a mixed bag. I already have a website that focuses entirely on houseplants and their care, and although I will write about indoor plants now and again on my blog, that topic will belong mostly to my website.

  7. Those are really nice photos, Martha. I think all bloggers can relate to feeling a little uninspired from time to time. I enjoy your blog whether you write or post pictures. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  8. Thanks Beth; that's very nice. In addition to running out of words, sometimes I have too much to say and have a hard time getting started on a single topic. I do enjoy writing though, and try to do as much of it as possible.