Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Caving In To A Poinsettia

I just couldn’t resist bringing home this poinsettia yesterday while hubby and I were out:

Every year it’s the same old story. I begin each holiday season by declaring: “This year I am NOT going to bring home a poinsettia.”

Then as we get closer to Christmas, the declaration is slightly edited: “This year I am probably NOT going to bring home a poinsettia.”

And eventually becomes: “This year I am probably NOT going to bring home a poinsettia” [pause] “Unless it’s a really beautiful specimen that has been left behind on a dusty shelf with just a few other abandoned poinsettias, all of which will inevitably die a sad and lonely death. Then and ONLY then will I bring home a poinsettia.”

“And was that the case with this poinsettia you took home yesterday?”

Well, not really. It was actually amongst many other pretty poinsettias, and the display wasn’t all that bad.

“I see. So you simply caved in to a poinsettia despite your oh-so unyielding holiday declaration.”

Well, wait a minute. What you’re not taking into consideration is that there’s a very good chance that it would eventually end up abandoned on some dusty store shelf where it would die a sad and lonely death. So I simply spared it that inevitable misery.

“Uhuh. You caved.”


Call me weak.
Call me undisciplined.
Call me impulsive.


The poinsettia I took home is beautiful. And together with the amaryllis’s intimidating floral display, my Christmas cactus is finally starting to open up its buds. It’s been shamed into doing so by two other popular holiday plants. Cool.

Isn’t it amazing how a tiny little plant like this can create such huge flowers?


  1. Hey, who can blame you with all that snow outside?? It's hard to resist that bright and dramatic splash of red color, especially this time of year. And, Wow---that Christmas cactus is gorgeous!

  2. I hardly see them flower now that I think about it. Our building is covered with them this time of year.

  3. Beth, I'm surprised I haven't come home with more holiday plants, mostly Christmas cacti; they are my favourite. I am tempted to go and pick up a cyclamen (something I haven't grown in years) but maybe I'll wait till after the holidays.

    Tatiana, poinsettias are everywhere this time of year, but they're not my favourite holiday plant. Still, I always end up bringing one home each year for its festive look. Can't help myself.

  4. Oh the poinsettia... such a necessary tool for the holidays! :)
    I won one at my job last year and gave it to my Mom. She actually planted it in the ground in the spring and it lasted all summer I was quite impressed!
    The Christmas cactus looks beautiful! Your home must be bursting with color with all the wonderful flowers blooming!

  5. Pale gardener, I love adding holiday plants to my home; I suppose it is my way of dealing with the bleakness this time of year.