Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kids Create The Darndest Things

One of the most wonderful things about being a parent is having your children come home with some of the most interesting and highly creative thingamajigs.

Take for example this ‘sweet’ creation:

This edible thingamajig was my daughter’s recent project at her school. Her teacher had asked the children in her class to put together a display that was made up of whatever candies and cookies they preferred.

When she brought this project home, my daughter received a lot of praise from me and her stepfather for her creativity, and our gratitude for sharing such a wonderfully edible treat with us.

Well, this ‘sweet’ creation no longer looks anything like it did on the first day. After a few days of picking candies and wafers off it, it resembled ancient ruins. I just wish I’d taken a picture of what was left.

In any case, it was the ‘sweetest’ thing my daughter had ever brought home from school. Literally.


  1. I absolutely loved making gingerbread candy houses growing up. Some years my Mom would even make the gingerbread for us, though that was quite the task, I'm sure she made herself half crazy doing it!
    I bet it was delicious! Your daughter is very creative!

  2. Hi there, Martha. I'm just back on the Internet after five days without electricity after eighteen inches of snow. I missed reading all my favorite blogs!

    I love your daughter's wonderful creation. It wouldn't have lasted long around our house either. Good thing you took pictures. :-)

    I wish you a holiday of peace and joy and a New Year of blessings. I really appreciate your blog.


  3. Hi Pale Gardener, these types of projects are always so much fun. My daughter's 'sweet' creation was a little unusual. It was a carousel with a ticket booth (and the carousel actually turned). Either way, it was delicious!

    Hi Good to Grow,

    I almost didn't see you there; you're squeezed between two longer messages! Thanks for your nice comments. My daughter had a great time with this project. And so did we (eating it!)

    Oh my Beth! That must have been awful. 18 inches of snow! My goodness; that's quite a load you got there. I was going to say I can't imagine what that was like, but (sigh) I can. Living here in the north has had its fair share of snowy experience. I'm glad you're okay and back online.

    Thank you for your kind comments. I do enjoy this blog but haven't been able to keep up with it during this period. The holidays got the best of me. I'm hoping once we all get back on track here at home with work and school, I can get back to some writing!