Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old Man Winter Returns But Wimps Out

So we had our snowstorm yesterday, and it can be summarized by one word: meh. For awhile, it looked really ugly outdoors, promising a really good, down and dirty Canadian snowfall. And it started off nicely. In fact, it was so intimidating in the beginning that my husband said “Turn on the Christmas lights to give the people hope”

Old man winter was stomping through the city, making lots of noise, dumping snow here and there and all of a sudden fizzled out. I mean I’ve seen some really impressive winter storms in my lifetime, really impressive. The type that include strong winds, freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall; all elements, that when combined, create near zero visibility and leave the city pretty much crippled. Well, yesterday’s storm was not one of them. Because old man winter wimped out.

Anyhow, here are a few pictures of yesterday’s (snort) BIG storm:

Alright, so that’s enough photos of this week’s snowfall, which is getting a little dull. But at least it helped fill up three days worth of blogging. And anyhow, tomorrow is ferrety Friday, and old man winter takes a back seat to that.


  1. Down here in Tennessee that's a big storm. We would close all the schools and stay home. :) We counteract gray rainy days by turning on the tree lights and lighting candles to make it more cheerful.

  2. At least you can still get to work.. wait is that a good thing? We've been in a deep freeze with plenty of snow for a good while now, with two epic blizzards (and a FIFTY car pileup). I've been getting my exercise through shoveling all week. Yep, I'd say you guys got robbed.

  3. Hi mothernaturesgarden, I guess where you live it would be a major storm. Our definition would be slightly different since we're so used to it.

    Inadvertent farmer, it is very much a winter wonderland...if you're looking at it through the window of you home where you're dry and warm :)

    Tatiana, I've no doubt that your winters are much worse than ours, and that it's colder with more snow. Oh yes, shoveling snow can be a tremendous workout.

    I can't say I envy you!