Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bailey & Nacho - BFF

So we decided to just throw caution to the wind and put Bailey the ferret and Nacho the kitten in the same room and see what happens.

This is the result:

After running around painting the town red together, these two little ladies cuddled up to relax. Looks like Bailey has found her partner in crime.

Bailey & Nacho = Best Friends Forever

Aw, shucks...


  1. Hi, Martha! I love the new addition to your family----looks like she'll fit in well. But you better watch those two---who know what kind of plots they're hatching? :-) I really love those photos, by the way.

    I'm sorry to have been absent for a while. My son had an emergency appendectomy over New Year's, so it's been stressful around here. Definitely not our best holiday ever...

  2. So cute! I was hoping they'd become fast friends.

  3. Hey there Martha girl !
    They are so darn cute it is hard to believe they haven't known each other a life time ago ? .. I think that is what happened .. they DID know each other in a previous life time and are together again and loving it ? LOL
    They are beautiful little creatures and they have a perfect loving home : )

  4. Hi;
    Found you through Joy's blog. They are darling!! Thanks for sharing. :D

  5. Beth, how awful about your son! Yes, that's certainly not the best way to spend the holidays. I do hope he's okay now. Things like that is what earns us a few gray hairs, no?

    Anyway, I'm glad you are back for a visit, especially to see our little family growing :) Bailey is very happy about her new friend. And I'm happy for her. She'll be much less lonely. And you bet I'll watch them. The two of them together can get into a lot of trouble.

    Liza, me too! I had my fingers crossed that they'd become friends quickly. I figured it would take a week or so, but these two little ladies hit it off from the get go. It'll be fun to watch them play together.

    Joy, you might be right! Maybe they even had reverse roles in a past life (Nacho was a ferret and Bailey was a cat ^-^; that's why they understand each other so well). I'm really happy that they like each other so much. Both of them now have a furry friend in the house.

    Hi Kate, I'm glad you stopped by! All visitors to Joy's site are welcome here. And I can't help but show off my the two furry members of the family. They're both very sweet.

  6. I love those two! Here's to best friends forever :)

  7. Oh my goodness Tatiana, this went even better than I ever hoped for. They are wonderful together. I'm so thrilled. Oh, yes, here's to best friends forever!

  8. Thanks crafty gardener! I've no doubt I'll be taking a lot of pictures of these two.