Friday, January 15, 2010

An Interview With Bailey

Another edition of ferrety Friday is here, and I have to say that I just don’t know where the time goes. The days and weeks seem to go by so quickly.


Today I’m going to do an interview with Bailey. She's been complaining that she hasn't been allowed to say very much, so I decided to let her answer some questions about herself. After all, who better than a ferret to explain ferrety things.

So, here we go.

Me: "Welcome to another edition of ferrety Friday, Bailey."

Bailey: “Thanks. Achoo...achoo...achoo... Sorry about that little sneezing fit.”

Me: “Well, might as well start with that. Why do you sneeze so much?”

Bailey: “I walk with my head very low to the ground, and as I stroll along, I sniff everything along the way, and I mean everything. Well, you can imagine all the stuff I inhale, some of which irritates me, like dust. It’s those irritants that make me sneeze. So, if you hear me sneezing, there’s really nothing to worry about – unless my sneezing includes a runny nose and watery eyes; then I probably have a cold.”

Me: “I’ve noticed that after you wake up, you shiver for awhile. What’s that all about?”

Bailey: “When I sleep, my body temperature drops. When I wake up, I shiver to raise my temperature. This can last for up to 20 minutes.”

Me: “Do you get annoyed when people call you a rodent.”

Bailey: “Well, yeah. Wouldn’t you? Your species can be pretty dumb, I tell you. I mean, I eat rodents, for heaven’s sake.”

Me: “Maybe it’s because you look a little like a rodent.”

Bailey: “Well so do some people, but you don’t see me calling them rodents.”

Me: “Speaking of food. What do you like to eat?”

Bailey: “I’m an obligate carnivore, so I like meat, meat, and more meat!”

Me: “What about vegetables?”

Bailey: “He-llo. What part of carnivore don’t you understand?”

Me: “I’ve noticed that your heart beats pretty fast. How many beats per minute?”

Bailey: “Between 180 – 250, with the average being about 225.”

Me: “Wow, that’s pretty fast.”

Bailey: “Not for us fuzzies”

Me: “How are your survival instincts? If I released you outdoors, what would happen?”

Bailey: “I’d probably die. My type has been domesticated for so long that we’ve lost most of our natural instincts.”

Me: “So you rely on humans for all your needs?”

Bailey: “That’s right. Thankfully, I’ve got good humans caring for me.”

Me: “Aw, thanks Bailey. I’m touched.”

Bailey: “Yeah, yeah. Just don’t get all teary-eyed on me.” [Yaaaaawn] “How long is this going to take? I’m getting a little sleepy.”

Me: “We’re almost done. Tell me, do you get along with other pets?”

Bailey: “Some. You shouldn’t leave me alone with a dog because it could hurt me, even kill me. And you shouldn’t leave me alone with a rabbit, rat, mouse, bird, reptile, hamster or fish; they’re all animals that I ‘instinctively’ prey on. And even though I don’t hunt anymore, I shouldn’t be completely trusted.”

Me: “You didn’t mention cats. What about them?”

Bailey: “If you’re going to team me up with another pet, a cat is your best bet. We get along pretty well. But you know that already. You brought Nacho the kitten home a couple of weeks ago and we're cool together.”

Me: “What do you think about Nacho?”

Bailey: “She smells a little funny, but she’s alright.”

Me: “She smells?”

Bailey: “Sure. Come to think of it, you smell kind of funny too.”

Me: “I do? What about you? People say you’re smelly.”

Bailey: “People don’t know what they’re talking about. I think I smell real nice.”

Me: “Well, maybe we’ll save that topic for another ferrety Friday.”

Bailey: “Does that mean we’re done?”

Me: “Yup. Do you have any pictures you want to share?”

Bailey: “Always. A good looking gal like me was meant to be photographed. The picture below is my sad face look, which turns you into mush, which in turn makes you spoil me. Pretty neat trick, huh?”

Me: “Oh Bailey...”

Bailey: “And this is how I feel right now”

Me: “Alright, I get the message. Good night Bailey...”

Bailey: “Zzzzzzzzzzzz...”


  1. Ha,ha...what a great interview, Martha! That Bailey is a sassy little thing, isn't she? :-) And she's right about some people looking like rodents...heehee.

    I love that you provided so much useful information in such an entertaining way. I never knew that ferrets sneezed a lot or shivered after they wake up. Really interesting stuff...

  2. Totally adorable Martha! I love his little sad face!

  3. Beth, I really writing about these little animals. I think it's very important for people to understand what's involved with them. Many of them are abandoned, abused and completely neglected because people think they're getting a cat or dog when they take them home. It's really sad. So, if I can help in some way, I will. And I include humour in my posts to make them more interesting, and because these furballs are very sweet and very entertaining. They warrant that style of writing.

    Hi Liza, I think ferrets have such cute faces to make them more appealing. In any case, that sad face always gets to me. Bailey isn't joking about that :)