Monday, February 8, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Okay, so is everybody here?


Now, listen up folks because I have some incredible news about Bailey. Are you ready?

“Get on with it already. Sheesh.”

Alrighty. Well, I was doing some research on ferrets the other day, basically trying to prepare a post for the next ferrety Friday, which is one about male versus female ferrets, whether one is a better choice than the other, how you can tell the difference between them, the importance of spaying and neutering, etc, etc, etc. And guess what?


Well, you have to guess.

"Fine. Is Bailey pregnant?"

[Chuckle...giggle…snicker...cough...] Um. No.

"Bailey is in heat?"

[Chuckle...giggle…snicker...cough...] Nope.

“Oh come on, water roots lady, just get to the point already, would you?”

Alright, alright. I discovered...drum roll please...that our little Bailey is a BOY, NOT A GIRL!


That was pretty much my reaction!

“But how did this happen? Didn’t they tell you that your ferret was a female at the pet store”

They sure did.

“So what happened?”

Well, there were a couple of young girls working that day and, from what I gathered, they didn’t seem entirely sure about whether Bailey was male or female. They must have taken a guess and gotten it wrong. Hmmm...come to think of it, there were a lot of things about ferrets they didn’t seem too sure about.”

“But you didn’t think to check?”

[shrug] I believed them when they told me Bailey is a female.

“Are you sure that Bailey is male?”

Oh, yeah. I’m sure

“Poor Bailey. What has this done to her...oops...his self esteem?”

Well, she...I mean he seems fine. And he’s dook-dooking as much as always, so I guess it hasn’t been an issue.

“Could you be wrong?”

I don’t think so. A visit to the vet in the near future will say for sure, but I’m pretty confident that Bailey is a boy.



Hey, Bailey, have anything to say?

Don’t push it, Bailey.


  1. This reminds of getting my cat Snaps. I was told Snaps was a girl. I told the vet Snaps was a girl, and the vet even did a VERY quick look and didn't argue. However, a couple weeks after getting Snaps, I noticed WEE LITTLE TINY PEA-SIZED testicles. Snaps is a boy, so he had his Tiresias moment for a couple weeks. Unfortunately for him, he's a cat and never gained powers of prophesy.

  2. Oh my goodness, that must have been pretty shocking for you to discover! I'm glad to hear that Bailey hasn't been too traumatized by all this. :-) Good thing you gave her...ahem...him a fairly gender-neutral name and not something girly like Priscilla or Melissa...

  3. That's really funny Martha! I hope he's not too embarrassed.

  4. Ahaha! Good job the name works either way. So I guess there aren't too many personality implications between male and female?

  5. Ha ha...that's so funny, notsoangryredhead... At least the name Snaps can be applied to a male of female pet. Well, with Bailey, I didn't have the clue of WEE LITTLE TINY PEA-SIZED ferrets are fixed before they are put up for adoption.

    Beth, it was shocking, but it was also really funny. I don't know why I never bothered to check before; I really should have. And I'm also happy that my daughter didn't pick a girlie name for her pet!

    Hi Liza, yup it's really funny. I can't say I'm too surprised; somewhere in back of my mind I was never 100% comfortable with what they'd told us at the pet store. But Bailey doesn't seem to care; he's dook-dooking his little heart out, like he always does. He has no clue what's going on!

    Tatiana, I'm really happy about the name my daughter chose for Bailey. We can just continue with it; it certainly works for both male and female.

    And you are right; there really aren't too many personality implications between male and female, unless the animals are not fixed, of course. But ferrets are always fixed before they're taken to the pet stores. Males are usually bigger than females, but Bailey isn't all that big. Maybe that's why I thought we had a female ferret and never bothered to verify it. Oh well, we still love Bailey, no matter what!