Friday, February 19, 2010

Introducing Clair

I had a long post prepared for today but something came up and I will keep it for next week.

What came up, you ask? This:

Introducing Clair, a tiny little female ferret that joined our household earlier today. I’m running out of time, and I’m totally exhausted, so I’m going to save her story for later this weekend or early next week.

We are officially a two-ferret home. And Bailey has a girlfriend. We’ll ask him on the next post what his feelings are about this.


  1. How exciting! She's a pretty little thing---Bailey must be thrilled. I can't wait to hear the story of Clair...

  2. Hi Beth, Clair is adorable! And she's so tiny; much smaller than Bailey. Her old family called her Clair; we're considering renaming her. She doesn't seem to respond to her name, so I think it'll be fine. We will see. I am going to write about how and why we got her in an upcoming post.

  3. OMG Martha I still can't get over this !!
    I just love the fact you have a pair of furry souls to entertain Nacho ? LOL
    I was wondering (forgot to add it to the e-mail) doesn't at least one of them have to be spayed or neutered soon ? can an unexpected occurrence happen ?? yikes ! LOL .. or are they trained to be celibate or use tiny birth control pills ? .. sorry .. I am silly .. too tired right now and still in shock .. can't wait to meet 'her" ; )

  4. Joy, I’m really happy we got Clair; Bailey will never feel alone. Even though he loves Nacho – and Nacho adores him! – there’s only so much of him she puts up with. Eventually she gets tired of roughhousing and takes off to do other things, leaving him behind. But now there’s Clair who will always be around, day and night….especially night *wink wink*

    Anyhow, both Bailey and Clair are fixed. Ferrets are always shipped fixed and descented to the pet shops, so you pick them up ready to go from the start. The only one that will be taking a trip to the vet soon to get fixed is Nacho. I’m waiting for her to get into her first heat, which I expect will happen some time next month. As soon as that happens, off to the vet we go! She's already hanging around windows and doors, discovering that there's an outside world, so I imagine she'll take off at the first opportunity when she goes into heat.

  5. Congrats! Where's she from? And there's no need to wait to fix Nacho, we had all our cats fixed before puberty, anytime between 4-6 months is okay (according to our vet). That way they don't even get to know what they're missing. But it all works. :)

  6. Hi Tatiana,

    It took me awhile to get back to this comment; it's been busy for me these days. I will write up a little more about Clair soon, so everyone will know how she came to be with us.

    And you're right about getting Nacho fixed. I really don't need to wait until she reaches puberty. It's been over 10 years since I had a cat and it looks like there are a lot of things I've forgotten!