Thursday, March 11, 2010

And The Garden Survey Says...

Yuck, bleh and ugh...

Those are the words that best describe what my garden looks like after suffering through a long, cold winter, especially in its unfinished state.

Let’s take a closer look:

This is a hydrangea. Can you tell?

The miniature yellow roses have seen better days:

As have the coneflowers:

I can’t even find the butterfly weed that I planted last summer. Oh where, oh where could it be?

Then there’s the lilac tree that got a huge haircut before winter. We’ll have to see how it grows out this year.

The front of the house is no better (there are three hostas somewhere in that mess):

It’s just as messy (but empty of plants) on the right side of the house:

This little section has bulbs planted in it (tulips and daffodils) that I’m looking forward to seeing soon:

When I stepped closer, I was surprised (and worried) to see some growth:

I’m not sure whether this happened in the fall or if it’s recent. In any case, I hope the flowers emerge without a problem. I’d hate for something to go (or have gone) wrong with these bulbs.


Things look pretty bleak out there, but it’s much too early to get out and build a garden. Spring is rolling in, though, so it’s just a matter of time before I’m out there digging in the dirt. There might not be much to look at right now, but you just wait and see what I do with this place come planting time. I’ve got plans people...lots of plans...

Oh, and while I was out front taking photos, I felt like I was being watched. Seems I was right. There was a little face pressed up against my front window, watching my every move...

Oh my, looks like my windows are in dire need of a good cleaning...


  1. Yep, my garden looks about the same as yours right now. But it won't be long before little green shoots are everywhere, reaching for the sun. :-) By the way, I wouldn't worry about your tulips and daffodils. Mine have been up for a couple of weeks and we've had a 7-8 inch snow and temperatures near the teens and they are still green and growing.

  2. Hey girl , that is why I try to avoid window shots over here .. I have to CLEAN them !! Nacho still looks too cute to believe : )
    I was so sore this morning after getting most of the back garden cleaned out .. but what a good time I had .. it is so satisfying to get the garden ready for blooming ? LOL
    Don't forget I will have bulbs from my bulb circle that has to be yanked out and tidied up for the Spiral Garden project : )
    Joe from Western Landscape Services will be here at 1 PM .. I'm so curious as to how this will go and what numbers he comes up with !YIKES !
    PS .. your yard looks so neat and clean girl !!! All that work has paid off wonderfully : )

  3. Oh, I'm so glad to hear that Beth. I was a little worried seeing all those little sprouts, but I think it'll be okay. I haven't planted fall bulbs in years, so I'm a little out of touch with it all. In any case, I'll be thrilled even if just a few of them grow. It's the miracle of life in the spring that is so exciting!

    Joy, you are right; all that hard work from last summer has paid off. Aside from turning over the soil and adding some nutrients and stuff to it, it's so clean and organized. And that will be a bonus come planting time. And like I told you, I have two more areas to carve out in the backyard, but other than that, I'm ready to start adding plants! WOOHOO! Can't wait... YAHOO!

    P.S - I'm eager to see what the landscapers quote you. You must be so anxious to get going!

  4. Dear WR, I must confess to being a little alarmed for you as clearly you have suffered one or two losses plantwise but I am sure, given time, all will be well. Let's be positive. You have a blank canvas, a beautiful cat, and everything is tidy and ready and waiting.

  5. Hi edith hope, we bought this home last year and pretty much cleaned out everything from all the planting areas. The garden had been clearly neglected, so there was not much to hold onto. I will be rebuilding it this year, so I've got a lot of work ahead. Shoud be fun, though!