Sunday, March 7, 2010

Garden Information Overload

Last week, my friend Joy (who lives near me here in Kingston, Ontario) lent me some of her magazines and catalogs so that I can get up to speed with the latest, greatest and hippest trends for this upcoming gardening season.

Look at all the good reading she presented me with:

I gotta get me some of these pretty flowers:

This is a pretty good Canadian gardening magazine:

Being the Halloween gal, Joy also threw in a Better Homes and Gardens special edition about the spookiest time of the year:

Of course, Nacho had to investigate to make sure there weren’t any hidden treats somewhere in there for her.

And you’d think that the oodles of magazines I had to sift through would satisfy the gardening part of my brain, but no, I went out and picked this one up:

And this one:

And even this one:

So, now that my brain is literally overloaded with all this wonderful gardening information, I am chomping at the bit, eager to get out there and conquer the garden.

Is anyone else getting hit with a severe case of spring fever?


  1. Too funny Martha .. I am in the same hyper mode and I have been gardening for a while ? LOL
    You asked about gazanias because they are so bold and beautiful !
    Yes .. I have had them in pots and they are amazing .. osteospermun is also a heat/drought tolerant flower that is low maintenance and so pretty ! They are in so many different colours it is mind boggling .. you will see what I mean when we start the garden center adventures ! : )
    Isn't this weather amazing ? I heard lots of birds this morning too !!

  2. Joy, I swear, it's been years since I was this excited at spring. I guess it's because there are so many exciting projects coming up. And I really love the outdoors, so who can blame me? Winters in Canada are much too long.

    The weather is amazing, isn't it? Can't wait till the 'real' spring kicks in so I can set up the comforts of the deck. This year I have a few potted flowers that I'd like to add there (gazanias are a must!). I'll have to look up the osteospermun. I don't think I've ever heard of them. Oh my, so many wonderful new discoveries!

  3. BIG time! I'm stoked because we've had such a springtime feeling in the air - we had a high of 12 on Saturday, and the day was sunny and gorgeous and the birds were chirping... it was glorious. So I'm lulled into the false sense of spring, although I know better.

    I've started tomato seeds as a way to get in touch with the upcoming season, and I can't wait to see tiny little leaves unfurl. I'm like a mother hen with them! :)

  4. Tatiana, I do admire your patience with the seeds. Unfortunately, I haven't reached that point yet. It is a nice way to get the outdoor gardening season to arrive earlier. Good luck with them!