Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting Ready For My Feathered Friends

The weather was absolutely stunning this past Saturday, so hubby and I took advantage and did some work outdoors. While he concentrated on his handyman jobs, I spent the time setting up my new (and some of the old) feeders to welcome the birds that will soon be returning to my city.

I put up the new finch feeder (can’t wait to see the goldfinches again!):

The new all-purpose feeder:

An old all-purpose feeder:

A suet basket:

The peanut feeder (I’m trying to convince myself that it’s not for the squirrels):

A small plastic container for shelled peanuts (again, it is not for the squirrels):

A basket that I fill with bread (terrific way to use up baked goods):

And a couple of bird baths that the birds also drink from:

I even put out some water at ground level for Mr. Inski who should be surfacing any day now (as soon as he does, I’ll put out some food for him):

I’ll have to wait a little longer (at least until April kicks in) before I can put out the large birdbath that I have stored in the shed; by then the weather will be considerably warmer. It’ll be nice to once again watch the bigger birds bathing in it. Perhaps the mourning doves will gather around there again this year and I’ll be forced to create an amusing post. Forced. Because I don’t enjoy being silly. Not me.


  1. Wow, you are definitely ready for those birds----looks like a bird resort there. :-)

    I am looking forward to those silly and amusing posts----your pictures and captions are always so funny!

  2. Ain't that the truth, Beth? It's definitely a bird resort. And I'm not even done yet! I'm putting out all these treats to bribe the birds into coming to my backyard. I really enjoy having them there, listening to them, watching them's such a beautiful thing...