Monday, March 15, 2010

How Much (Garden) Self Control Do I have? Not much.

Just last week, I mentioned that I had avoided buying spring bulbs. That I was trying to stay focused on the upcoming annuals and perennials.


Needless to say that I fell off that rickety wagon rather quickly and picked up these:

Okay. Go ahead...laugh...point...whisper...snicker...



Yes. It’s all true. All the allegations are true. I’m weak. Weak, I tell you. Terribly, awfully, horribly weak. Terribly, awfully, horribly, shamelessly weak. I don’t do what I say I’m going to do. And I give in to temptation easily.


And you know what?

I don’t care. I have no regrets. Because when it comes to gardening, be it indoors or out, I have very little (if any) self control.

And I like it that way.

Also, I chose these bulbs specifically for the front of the house, which doesn’t get much sun. These plants are the perfect choice for that spot. So I had to have them. Had to.

Now, how much garden self control do you have?


  1. Martha girl we both know "we" can't help ourselves and we NEED a little "something" to tide us over : )
    I love your choice of the beautiful red astilbe , that will look gorgeous in the front .. and the lily of the valley ! .. I planted some last year in the "shared space" I am wondering if they will come up this year ..did you know there is a variegated type too .. way too expensive for me but they do look gorgeous : )
    Funny .. we both posted today about our weakness ? LOL

  2. I am also lacking in self-control when it comes to plants. I just tell myself that I don't buy clothes or shoes or makeup---so I have the right to indulge my weakness for books and plants. And chocolate, of course.

  3. Ha ha...Joy... I just got back from your blog and I'm laughing that we posted about our weakness, as you commented. I couldn't resist the astilbe. I told myself that if I'd only buy some bulbs of that if they were only in red. Well, wouldn't you know it, here they are :) As for the lily of the valley, I've never heard of this before, so I don't know what to expect. I picked them up because they're supposed to do well in the shade, and I wanted to add some white as contrast. We'll see how it all turns out.

    Oh my goodness, Beth, that’s hilarious! I do the same thing. I don’t spend money on clothes because I don’t dress fancy or chase fashion; I just need some basic things, mainly some jeans and shirts. And I don’t wear much make-up, save for a touch of eye liner. So I feel like you do; that I have the right to indulge myself in the few things that I really enjoy. My passions are gardening, reading and bird feeding, so once in awhile I’ll treat myself to a book I want or a new plant or another cool bird feeder. They’re all simple things that make me happy :)

  4. I love lilies of the valley. I wish I could grow them here. Sniff, sniff.

  5. Hi Liza, I didn't know you can't grow those there. Why would that be? Anyhow, I've never grown them before, so I don't know what to expect. Whatever happens, happens. This year it'll be about having fun and experimenting with different plants.

  6. Good to know that it isn't just me with spring fever! I've got to get a grip before my entire apartment turns into a potting shed.

  7. I've never understood the fuss about clothes/shoes/makeup - plants, though... I'm impossible. Buy first, worry about space later. And money? Who cares about money? ;)

  8. Nature assassin, my problem is that I enjoy both outdoor and indoor gardening, so I'm basically screwed...LOL... The inside and outside of my home have to be plant-infested.

    Ivynettle, I've never understand the fuss over shoes, clothes, makeup and such... I prefer to invest in the few hobbies that I enjoy. It brings me a lot more happiness.

  9. I'm with you there - I'm contemplating signing my paychecks over to the garden store... but hey, you only live once! I really only have a few hobbies, I'm all for indulging all of them.

  10. Hey Tatiana, you got it; you only live once. And like you, I only have a few hobbies, so why not splurge on them? And I'm pretty reasonable about my purchases anyhow. I do stay within our means.

  11. I LOVE astilbe!

    I don't have much self-control but am doing really well this year. I just put in many many perennials in the fall and need to see what will come in! I'm recycling catalogs the moment I get them. That helps!

  12. Wendy, I've never grown astilbe but I've seen them around the neighbourhood and they're so pretty. My self control comes and goes. The nicer the weather, the more I want to go out and buy garden stuff. Today is cloudy and a little depressing, so I'm relatively safe :)