Monday, March 1, 2010

March-ing Into Spring

Happy March everyone! I know the title of today’s post is a little goofy, but the two worst months of winter – January and February – are over and this is the time of year I begin to get a little goofy myself. Who can blame me? Our winters are long, dark and often quite harsh (although this year’s was much less painful), so when spring is finally march-ing in (couldn’t help myself!), we embrace it with oodles of nutty enthusiasm. Also known as: spring fever!

I’m especially looking forward to this year’s warmer months, which are going to include a very exciting season of gardening. With an entire garden to build from scratch, you can very well imagine the anticipation I’m feeling and how restless I am to get started. I’m also looking forward to the return of all our feathery and furry visitors that bring colour, energy and entertainment to our backyard.

Oh yes, I am ecstatic that winter is quickly coming to an end. How ecstatic am I, you ask? Can you say o-ver-joyed?

So, once again, happy March everyone! Get ready to pack up that winter gear because spring is finally on its way.

WOO HOO! [doing the dance of joy...]


  1. Martha girl
    I am worried you are going to burn yourself out once you can get in your garden !! Now make sure you are getting your rest .. I don't want to have to put you in a cart and wheel you around the garden centers .. I won't have enough room for the gazillion plants I am looking for to put in the cart with you girl !!
    Wink Wink .. I am so looking forward to garden season too !!!

  2. I was glad to see March, too, but unfortunately it's coming in like a lion here---snowing hard with a possible six inches expected. But I am hopeful that this will be one of our last snows and that soon our peach tree will be in bloom. I am really looking forward to watching you build your garden---I know it will be beautiful!

  3. I'm still holding my breath on the March parade - the prairies are seldom done with winter that easy. But I AM starting seedlings this week, so that'll keep me occupied before the real spring comes.

  4. You're right Tatiana. And I may be jumping the gun here myself. But I can't help myself. Our 'good' seasons are so short that if we don't remain a little optimistic, we'll go nuts!

  5. Har har har...Oh Joy... I can jump picture being sprawled out in the shopping cart with my tongue hanging out to the side...har har har... Hey, if that happens, just toss me in a taxi (with my plants) and send me home. George works at home, so he'll be able to go out, pay the cab fare and carry me in!

  6. Beth, I know what you mean about the snow. All of last week we had snow (every single day). But it was mild and most of it is gone. That is amazing - and wonderful - that you have a peach tree. I love that fruit, and I can only imagine how tasty it must be when freshly-picked. Thanks for the kind words about how my garden will turn out. Beautiful or not, it will be fun working on it! I have a million ideas; hopefully I don't burn myself out (like Joy has stated above) before I get everything done.