Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Goodies For My Feathery Visitors

Well, it’s obvious that leaving my home these days and going beyond the borders of our property while carrying concealed weapons such as debit or credit cards has become financially hazardous. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. The truth in the matter is that I couldn’t leave the items below behind because they were all selling at super prices.

Take for example this bird feeder:

At only $6.49, how could I possibly walk away from it?

And the collection of suet?

The regular price for each one is minimum $2.00. They were on sale for a buck a piece. Way cool! So I bought 10 packs.

Pretty cool, eh?

Now I know there are oodles of recipes for suet scattered all over the internet and that I don’t need to go out and buy any since it’s so easy to make, but because the price was right, I didn’t mind picking up a few ready-to-hang packs.

In any case, last year the best thing in my backyard was all the feathery activity; the songs, the antics, and everything else in between. I look forward to all that again this year. And if bribing them with goodies gets the birds to drop by daily and stay awhile, then it’s worth every dollar spent. Because a yard filled with feathered life is a yard filled with wonder.


  1. Martha .. you are dangerous on your own shopping like that ?? LOL
    I think once my birds figure out what YOUR birds are getting .. well .. they will just up and leave "home" here !
    John has seed out for the Goldfinches and Morning Doves now .. in the rain we have been having these past few days ..
    Can't wait for the sun they promise later this week : )

  2. Joy, I swear that if I see your birds coming over, I'll send them right back...with a small tupperware filled with bird seed...LOL... That way, they'll be able to continue hanging around your backyard while still enjoying the goodies over here.

    I can't wait for the return of the sun either; it hasn't been the best weekend but all that rain is good for the garden. And it'll cleanse the sidewalks and streets as well.

  3. If I were a bird, I'd fly from North Carolina all the way north to Canada just so I could chow down in your yard. :-) Those Morning Song suets look good enough for us humans to eat!

  4. Ha ha...Beth, you're right; they do look good enough for us humans to eat. I want to attract a lot of different birds this year. Last year we weren't here early enough to do that (we didn't move into our home until the last week of June). But this year, we're here during the period that they return from the south to mate, so I'm hoping to attract many different types of birds. I have a lot of plans for our garden, which includes the birds, a butterfly garden and whatever else I can think of to make it our little piece of heaven on earth.