Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not Only Humans Enjoy Bird Watching

Earlier this week, I was reading in a book that I borrowed from the library near my home that gardening is the most popular hobby in America (I’ll throw Canada in here, too) followed by bird feeding. Well, I’m certainly part of this trend; I’ve happily joined both of these clubs.

But there’s a third club that I’m a member of that I think should rank high: bird watching. I believe that this hobby is much more extensive than we think because I don’t think only humans participate in it. At least not in my house. In addition to the humans in my home (well, mostly me, really), the feline member is a huge fan of bird watching.

Nacho spends a big part of her day watching the birds:

(I wonder what she’s thinking...)

She enjoys watching the birds so much that I wouldn't be surprised if she dreams about them too:

So, yup, I’m inclined to believe that bird watching ranks pretty high as a hobby - for humans and cats alike.


  1. Hey Martha girl ! Emma was glued to the deck door when we opened it a bit for some fresh air .. she crouches down low and does that little cat talk thing . Needless to say her eyes were HUGE because we had a lot of birds in the back garden at the time .. chickadees, Red Wing Black Birds (marsh birds) Morning Doves .. "courting" another type of black bird with a violet neck colour .. well, you get the idea .. talk about cat entertainment ? haha

  2. Hahaha...that last picture made me laugh out loud, Martha. So glad Nacho is able to enjoy her "hobby" from indoors. We have lots of stray "birdwatcher" cats that come through our property so I have to be vigilent about making sure they're only eating the mice. :-)

  3. Joy, it is the funniest thing to watch; Nacho is so focused while watching the birds that the house can cave in around her and she'd never notice. And the 'cat talking' is hilarious. Her lower lip trembles as she chatters away. Yup, it is quite entertaining.

    Beth, I could never allow Nacho to roam outdoors, especially since I have so many bird feeders. It would break my heart if my own cat killed the birds that I invite to our backyard. I'd be responsible for their death.

    There are a couple of cats that roam around the neighbourhood and sometimes end up in my backyard. But I scare them away. I'm planning on keeping a super soaker close by this season so that I can traumatize them into staying away. I do love cats (I have one of my own) but I don't want neighbourhood cats in my yard. They have no business here.

  4. Yup, my kitties love it too, and often chatter. My one deaf cat though doesn't realize just how loud he is, good job birds are smart enough to just look at him askance and continue on their way.

  5. I love that chattering! Nacho does it too. I think it's so hilarious. Sometimes she gets so overwhelmed with the presence of the birds that I think she'll going to blow up!

    That's too funny about your deaf cat (not about him being deaf!). And you're right; the birds don't care about the cats inside the house. It's like they understand that indoor cats can't tough them.