Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Silliness

I’m not sure if humourous posts are going to be the theme for Saturdays, but I’m seriously contemplating it. After all, tickling your funny bone will get those little endorphins to race through your brain and give you a nice high. And that's a cool thing.


Below are photos of situations that make you say :

My favourite... Notice where the gun is?


  1. Too funny Martha ! .. we can all use a good laugh especially in the morning ? .. it wakes us up ! ;-)
    PS .. can you believe this gorgeous weather ? I am definitely going to get a few garden things DONE !

  2. Humour is my prozac! :) This weather is amazing, and I've also got plans to step outside and get some work done. I'm going to concentrate on the birds today; get all the feeders ready. All my feathered friends should be showing up very soon and I want to be ready for them!

  3. Those pictures are amazing, Martha. You've got me laughing, for sure, but I can't help wincing a bit at the same time. I do hope everything turned out okay in the end for all concerned.

    So glad you're having pretty weather up there. We are, too...and it is welcome! We'll be out preparing our garden today for springtime planting---I can't wait!

    I like your idea of Saturday Silliness.

  4. Hi Beth, I hope things turned out okay for everyone, too. Although I wouldn't worry about it; I don't believe that all the pictures are really, well, real. Some are exaggerated, for sure.

    Isn't it wonderful having gorgeous weather? I am going to spend some time in the backyard, putting up the feeders for all my feathered friends! I hope you enjoy your day!