Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunny Sunflowers

I’ve never been much into growing plants from seed, not just because I’m not very experienced with seed growing, but also because I just don’t seem to have the patience for it. Or I’m just too lazy to give it a try. There’s that too. And the fact that I need instant gratification; a few leaves, maybe even a flower or two – gotta have that.

But when I bumped into these seeds, I had to have them:

I mean, who can just walk away from sunflower seeds?

And plus, I’ve done this before and the results were amazing. Okay, it was a long time ago, like over 10 years, but still. Experience is experience.

So I’m going to give it a try when it’s planting time and see what happens. I expect that as soon as the flowers go to seed, the backyard hooligans (a.k.a. squirrels) will run off with them. But until then, it’ll be a fun and interesting garden project.


  1. Sunflowers are so beautiful and so useful Martha girl : ) who could not have them in their garden ? I know our finches loved a specific one .. and as soon as I look at varieties I remember but right now off the top of my head ..DUH ? LOL
    Must be that morning thing when my brain is till foggy .. anyways yours will look gorgeous and YES !! it is so hard to resist those seeds .. hey .. I recommend Cosmos too girl !!
    Joy wink wink

  2. Joy, I can't wait to add some of these wonderful things to my garden. The nice thing is that I have empty spaces to work with, so I can build the garden the way I want. I don't expect the sunflowers to last a long time, though; once the squirrels see the seeds, it's off with the sunflower heads!

    Funny you should mention it; I was reading about cosmos just yesterday. I've never grown these flowers but they look very pretty and I'll give them a try. I have such a long list of things I want to plant, it's frightening!

  3. Sunflowers really are such wonderful flowers---easy to grow and such happy flowers. Joy's suggestion of cosmos is excellent...and they come in such pretty colors. And often self-sow. And speaking of easy-to-grow-from-seed flowers that come in pretty colors----you might want to also try some zinnias.

  4. I tried sunflowers last year - unsucessful! Dont' know why - they did used to be so easy when we were kids! Maybe that's part of the magic.

  5. Ooh, I hope they work, and I hope you post lots of gorgeous photos!

  6. Wendy, I think that sometimes the seeds are no good. In any case, I've tried only once in the past, so I can say for sure that it'll work again. But I certainly hope so. It'll be fun to try, either way. And you're right; things are always so much easier when you're a kid!

    Liza, I plan to post a gazillion photos if these seeds sprout and the sunflowers blossom. Gotta brag somewhere, no? :)

  7. Beth, I adore sunflowers. Last year I found some at a local garden center, grown and ready to be planted. But it was so far into the season, and they looked like they were making seeds, so I didn't want to bother. I'd only be bringing home a special treat for the squirrels :) But this year I'm here early, so I get to enjoy all the things I missed out on last year. I've been looking up cosmos and they look really terrific. I will look for them this year and bring some home to plant. Oh, yes, and zinnias to. Oh my...the list keeps growing!

  8. Hehe I've seen those Garden Corner seed packs before. They are sold at our local Dollar Store, 3 for a buck, with a pretty big display. And they always sell out fast. I even tried a few. Most germinate pretty good.

  9. My neighbor grows some fantastic sunflowers - easily six feet tall, huge and sunny. I'm tempted...

  10. Ceara, if even half the pack germinates, I'll be satisfied. Sunflowers are so lovely; it'll be fun just to try and grow them from seed.

    Tatiana, you should consider giving it a try. Sunflowers are very easy to grow from seed. And they grow huge if you give them what they crave most - lots of sunshine!