Sunday, April 18, 2010

And So The Planting Begins...Thanks To Joy!

One of the best things that came out of moving to this beautiful new city is discovering a good friend like Joy (of GardenJoy4Me). Not only is she a good friend, she’s also just as enthusiastic (nutty) about gardening as I am. And this is amazing because in all my years, I’ve never had a friend that enjoyed gardening, indoors or out. True story.


That being said, my dear friend Joy and her husband dropped by my home earlier this week bearing gifts. Leafy gifts, that is. Joy’s been digging around in her garden now that we’ve completely thawed up here in the great white north, and while out there, she thought of me and put together a package of lovely plants.

Needless to say I didn’t hesitate to get started. I think it took all of 30 seconds to start putting the plants in the ground after her and hubby were on their way. Just long enough to put on the gardening gloves. Can you say excited?

She brought me some daylilies, two of which I planted under the kitchen window. They are Hemerocallies ‘Stella de Oro’:

And two others that I added to the new planting area we recently carved out. I even added a new birdbath that hubby bought for me as a gift. He’s the best! Of course, this means that I won’t be making this area into a butterfly garden after all, since the birds that will come in for a bath or drink will probably eat the butterfly larva. So it looks like I may have to dig up another area in the back for that...sigh...woes many planting areas...:

Of course, Mr. Robin is always snooping around, checking to see what’s going on in his territory:

Included in the package was Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’, an ornamental grass, which I also planted under the kitchen window in hopes that it will grow tall and cover the wall:

Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ is next, also under the kitchen window, right in the middle of the flower bed. The leaves smell wonderful; they remind me of licorice:

Under the kitchen window after the plants are in:

Joy also shared some of her Lilium ‘Casa Blanca’ (her hubby bought a bag of these bulbs for her; isn’t he also the best?) & Dicentra ‘King of Hearts’. I did not plant these yet; I’m going to wait another 2 to 3 weeks to make sure that there is no more threat of frost:

I am so grateful to Joy for being so kind and generous, and I can’t wait to share goodies from my garden with her when it’s finally established. Hopefully next year!

Thank you Joy! Your garden babies are in good hands.


  1. What a lucky lady you are receiving some lovely plants from Joy.

  2. What a sweet friend your Joy is!

  3. Crafty gardener, Joy is the best! She's as wonderful in person and she is on her blog. And her sense of humour is alive and well in person!

    Deborah, Joy is such a nice person. And a fantastic gardener! I'm very fortunate to have met her.

  4. So Gardening really connects people... and gardening itself brings the best in all of us, to be kind and generous. Good for you and Joy.

  5. You are so right, Bangchik; gardening really does connect people and brings out the best in people. I figure anyone that can be so gentle and nurturing to a plant, should be just and gentle and nurturing with people. I hope so, anyway!

  6. Pass along plants are the very best! You get to enjoy both the beauty of the plant and thoughts of the person who shared it with you.
    You are fortunate to have a friend like Joy.

    By the way, I love your birdbath.

  7. So true, Beth. Gardeners love to share their plants; they're so proud of their gardens and enjoy passing along garden babies. I look forward to doing this too; hopefully by next year. And Joy is also terrific at sharing growing information; she has so much experience that I always appreciate when she shares her thoughts with me.

    I loved that birdbath when I saw it, but refused to buy it at the time because it was a little pricey. But hubby insisted on picking it up for me as a gift. I can't say I put up much of a fight NOT to have it. I caved quickly :)