Monday, April 26, 2010

Chuckles The Gnome Has A Friend

Our happy gnome, Chuckles, has been complaining that he just can’t keep up with the garden; it’s getting much too big, he said, for a little guy like him to handle alone.

So we got him a friend.

Introducing Smiley:

Isn’t he just the handsomest gnome you’ve ever seen? What I especially like about him is that he’s just as cheerful and lively as Chuckles is. [grin]

Now that there are two of them, I expect the garden to be kept in good order.

No slacking off, boys. And no wild gnome parties at night!


  1. Smiley looks a bit like me on a monday morning. Is it possible that he and i are distant relatives?

  2. Smiley and Chuckles look so much alike that I think they must be long-lost brothers. I can tell from the look on their faces that they're thrilled to be reunited. :-)

  3. Ha ha...Hazeltree...too funny! I shall ask him if he knows you :)

    Or a shot of cognac, Deborah! :)

    Ha ha...Beth... Perhaps there was sibling rivalry. Yeah, they looked really happy to see each other :)