Friday, April 23, 2010


Hello dear cyber friends, and welcome to another fuzzy Friday where you get to learn all about ferrety little critters. And today’s post is going to be all about ferret-proofing, which is extremely important if you want to keep your pet safe and healthy. And alive!


Ferrets are curious by nature, and because of that trait, you can only imagine how much trouble they can get themselves into. When they’re awake, they are in constant motion, eager to explore their surroundings and conquer their little world; this exuberance often places them in dangerous situations, some of which can prove fatal.


Now, it’s impossible to completely ferret proof your home but I’m going to make a list of things that can prove dangerous to your pet. Because there are so many things that can are unsafe, this week’s post will concentrate on items that, if ingested, can place your ferret at risk. Eventually I will write about the ferret’s surroundings, such as furniture, appliances, and so on, that are hazardous.

Let’s begin...

1) Toilets

Ferrets will not hesitate to climb up on a toilet to drink water, which is not safe for them to ingest, so keep the toilet lids down when your fuzzy is out and about. Keep a bowl of water nearby to keep him from getting dehydrated while he plays.

2) Rubber

For whatever reason, ferrets love to chew on rubber, some of which ends up being swallowed. The problem is that ingested rubber can cause intestinal blockage, which will prove fatal unless treated immediately, quite often with surgery. Therefore, make sure you keep all foam rubber or soft rubber items out of your fuzzy’s reach. This can include rubber bands, shoe inserts, erasers, toys, etc.

3) Foam, Sponges & Styrofoam Packing

In addition to rubber items, ferrets should not be allowed near sponges, foam and styrofoam packing products that they will happily chew to pieces and swallow while doing so.

4) Houseplants

Ferrets love to dig, and they won’t hesitate to dig tunnels in the soil of your houseplants if given a chance. And while they’re at it, they might decide to nibble on the leaves. The problem is that some houseplants are poisonous, which will harm your pet. Keep ferrets and toxic plants away from each other.

5) Cleaning Supplies

Most cleaning supplies are extremely dangerous to inquisitive little fuzzies. Make sure to keep them safely out of reach.

6) Medications

Your fuzzy might decide to give that cough medicine a try, especially if it’s tasty. And if he really likes it, he may decide to polish it off, which will put his life at risk. Don’t chance it; keep all medications away from your fuzzy, even the childproof ones.

7) Wastebaskets

A Ferret loves to climb onto a wastebasket to make it tumble, so it can investigate its contents. Having said that, make sure that there is nothing toxic or dangerous in the wastebaskets around your home when your fuzzy is out exploring.

8) Plastic

And you thought it ended with rubber, foam, sponges and Styrofoam packing? Not a chance. Plastic can prove just as dangerous as the rest; make sure that plastic items are sturdy and that your ferret cannot chew them to pieces.

9) Stuffed Animals/Toys

Carnivorous ferrets have strong teeth that can rip many things apart; this includes toys that are made of fabric that can be shredded when chewed on. Even more dangerous are stuffed toys with small, hard pieces attached to them (eyes, nose) that can be chewed off and swallowed. Don’t give your ferrets toys that are not appropriate.

10) Soap Bars & Cosmetics

Strange as it may be, ferrets do like the taste of soap bars and certain cosmetics, which will make them ill if ingested, so make sure they can’t get to them while they're out playing.

Because they are in constant danger when they’re roaming around the house, the best way to keep your fuzzy safe is by ferret-proofing your home as best as possible, and keeping an eye on him. You might also want to consider restricting your pet to a designated play area that is completely safe for him.

Let’s wrap up once again with the furry tribe.


No, Bailey, you can’t chew on Nacho’s ears!


Oh, Clair... You’re as bad as Bailey...


Only when you’re misbehaving, Nacho. Hey, come back here! I’m kidding!


  1. That was too cute Martha : ) Those are great pictures of the furry kids ! .. It is a constant job making sure they can't get into anything that might harm them .. even my girls can be very naughty .. haha

  2. So super cute! Wow they sure are busy little ones..on lots of advsntures!! fabulous post..lots of smiles and fun!

  3. Joy, my dear, furry kids are like toddlers; you always have to keep an eye on them, and you always have to make sure their environment is safe. I don't have to worry about Bailey and Clair as much since we have a designated play area for them. This gives me peace of mind.

    Thanks Kiki, ferrets are really adorable. And if cared for lovingly, they are extremely gentle and very social. We love them!