Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Flurry Of Activity

While I’m waiting for the gardening season to fully arrive (can’t dive completely in there until the last possible frost), I’m enjoying the flurry of activity going on with my feathered friends. Our backyard has become one of the most favoured places to hang out. I’d like to say that it’s because they find me so charming, but that would be a lie; they’re coming around because of all the food and water I provide to them. Take that way and they’d drop me like a hot potato.

So. Here are a few photos of some of our visitors:

The Robins are here every day for hours.

In fact, a Robin couple has gotten so comfortable that they’ve decided to build their nest on our home. I’m so honoured... And I’m really looking forward to watching them create and raise a family. It’ll be exciting to witness!

There is a Blue Jay couple that drops by several times a day for peanuts. I’m personally thrilled that they hang around the yard. But the robins? Not so much. They hate the Blue Jays and try to chase them away every time.

Even the cardinals, as timid as they are, drop in a couple of times of day.

Occasionally, they’re even a little brave and come close to the house.

This guy looks like he’s up to no good.

And this guy was trying to sneak in and steal a peanut that was meant for the Blue Jays.

He was successful!

Watching these little critters is one of the best parts of my day!


  1. We also love to watch the birds, some of their antics are quite amusing.

  2. Those blue jays are rascals (and so loud!) but they sure are pretty. We've got lots of robins this year. I'm very fond of them because they let me get really close before they fly away, and I really love the way they hop, hop, hop through the yard, looking for worms. We have one that nests in our grape arbor every year.

    Very nice pictures, Martha. Like you, I could watch the birds for hours---they are fascinating.

  3. Hi Crafty Gardener, it really is a lot of fun to watch them. Especially when they try to beat the next bird to the food!

    I have to say, Beth, that I've become quite fond of the blue jays; they're such pretty birds that I can't help it. And the robins? Adorable. And we're also able to get really close to them before they fly off. Their nest is the first time we've had in our garden; I'm really excited about that. Can't wait to see the little family!