Saturday, April 17, 2010


Okay, so earlier today I wrote about the new planting area that my husband and I carved out last weekend. But I didn’t tell you about what else, aside from grass and soil, we dug up in that space.

Now, I’m warning you all that the images below are not the prettiest. Not that they’re terribly disgusting, but they are kind of gross. Especially for people like me who are really queasy about these types of pests.


Here we go…

Grubs! Lots and lots of grubs!

Everybody all together now: “EEEEEEWWWWWW

I could not believe how many grubs were in this small area. No wonder the birds have been pecking away at the lawn, and the grass in many spots around the back yard is dead.

Well, needless to say that this ticked me off. So hubby and I put every single grub we encountered in a container, and when the container was quite full, we handed it over to the robins. This went on for two days as we worked out back; you can well imagine what an alarmingly large amount of these rotten things we dug up. I was really disgusted by them. Of course, Mr. & Mrs. Robin didn’t feel the same way. They were ecstatic!

Here they are taking turns with the grub feast:

Now please excuse me as I try to keep from getting sick! Yuck! Blah..


  1. Now thats organic recycling if ever there was!! I bet the Robins couldn't believe their luck! Is it Christmas? Is it my birthday??! They are yucky but I'm sure the Robin views is as a filet or something. UDG.

  2. Ha ha...UDG, I swear the robins were smiling! Yup, they must have thought it was their birthdays or something. Sometimes I watch them eating these things (live!) and it freaks me out. You're right, though, for the robins this is a delicious filet. Bleh!