Sunday, April 11, 2010

Introducing Chuckles...

...the happy gnome:

This happy little fellow followed me and my husband home last week. We thought about taking him back where he came from but his cheerful disposition won us over. I mean, have you ever seen a happier gnome?

In addition to his bright, cheery personality, I hope he’ll use his magic on my garden to make it thrive.

What am I talking about, you ask?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

According to folklore (but I believe it’s true), garden gnomes help in the garden during the night. When nobody is around, they awaken from their pottery/ceramic state and work on the garden they live in. And this is great. Because when touched by a gnome’s gnomish-laden magical touch, flowers blossom, lawns become lush, trees grow taller, soil becomes nutrient-rich and herbs and vegetables and fruit trees thrive.

So I’m glad that Chuckles followed us home. He’ll bring lots of joy to my garden with his gnomish magic – and his positive attitude. [grin]


  1. Chuckles is adorable and I'm sure he will enhance your garden a lot. Perhaps he'll even invite some of his other friends to help.

  2. Chuckles is "just right" for you guys over there ! LOL .. where did you find him ?
    I know Dave and the boys party all night in the garden when they think no one is watching .. and that is why Dave's mushroom is cracked because he is on the go all the time ! haha

  3. Oh, I love Chuckles, Martha! I know he will brighten your home and garden with his cheery, sunshiney presence. :-)

    There's no doubt that my gnomes are hard at work in my garden when I'm asleep. And, as you know, I even have one that sweeps my porch. But I do wish they'd do a better job of pulling weeds!

  4. LOL! As long as you don't wake up night and find him standing at the foot of your bed with that expression...

  5. Hi crafty gardener, he is adorable, isn't he. Such a handsome dude :) I hope he invites some of his friends to come over. I'd love to have a few gnomes hanging around my garden.

    Hi Joy,I got this little guy from Zellers. I've been scouting all the stores trying to find gnomes that are just right and POOf, one day I got lucky. Perhaps Dave and the boys will go out partying with Chuckles one night! LOL...

    Beth, Chuckles is exactly what I'd been looking for - different, and with a little bit of an attitude. Oh, I would so love to find gnomes that are experts at weed pulling! That would be something.

    Ha're right. If I woke up with this dude at the foot of my bed, it wouldn't be much fun...LOL...