Thursday, April 15, 2010

It’s Not Spring Until Mr. Inski Says It Is!

Heeeeeee’s back! Mr. Inski is back. And you know what that means? That it’s absolutely, definitely, without a doubt – SPRING! Because it’s not spring until Mr. Inski wakes up from his winter slumber and says it is.

I love little chipmunks, and I’ve been looking forward to their arrival for the past couple of weeks. And this little one showed up just a few days ago:

I snapped a few photos as quickly as possible and plan to take many more in the future. And since the food and water that I place for them outside are right below the kitchen window, I should be able to capture some interesting shots.

Spring has definitely sprung with the return of Mr. Inski!


  1. They are just too cute ! I think all of the "thug" squirrels have chased the chipmunks out of our neighborhood .. we have a naughty neighborhood ?
    Can Mr. Insky call his relatives to come visit the girls and I ? LOL

  2. Joy, my dear, I would be happy to speak to Mr. Inski about sending some friends and relatives to your place. Yeah, those squirrels can be a real pain in the 'behind'. They battle with the birds over here, trying to get all the food. I have to chase them away several times a day...ARGH...

  3. Yay! Mr. Inski's back! He sure is an adorable little fellow.

  4. Beth, I love these little animals. They're so cute. And I enjoy watching them dash around the yard in their search for food!