Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mr. Blue Jay Is A Daily Visitor

I’ve come to adore the blue jay that visits my backyard daily in hopes of being tossed some peanuts. He’s not only visiting every day, he’s actually gotten quite comfortable with us.

He starts by landing on the deck:

Then he hops closer:

Until he’s close enough to be able to peek inside the house and see if any peanut-throwing person is around:

Sometimes, he flies over as soon as I step foot into the kitchen, as if he’s watching from a distance (do blue jays have binoculars?). When I mentioned this to my daughter, she said “He’s a stalker...” Har har har... :)

He’s gotten so bold with his visits that I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts tapping on the window at some point. Hmmm... Perhaps I should add a doorbell for him.

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