Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Now I’m A True Gardener

Never mind the tools, soil, shed, compost, fertilizer, plants, seeds, hoses and a gazillion other things a gardener will accumulate over time; you’re not officially a gardener until you have something like this:

Isn’t this the sexiest piece of footwear you’ve ever seen?

(Hear that? That’s construction workers whistling.)

These clogs were being liquidated at a ridiculous price of only $5.00, so how could I resist? I couldn’t. So I didn’t. My only regret is not picking up more of them.

Now that I’ve added these sexy gardening clogs to gardening gear, I believe I’ve met all the criteria needed to be considered a bona fide gardener, so I expect to be receiving my membership card in the mail any day now.


  1. Ha, ha! Don't worry--they won't look like that for long. You should see the state my garden-Crocs are in.

  2. Wow---five dollars! I would have bought five more. Because, believe me, they wear out quickly. That's the real test of whether you're a bona fide gardener----how worn and dirty your garden clogs are! :-)

  3. Hi Liza, I was very lucky indeed! I went back last night and picked up another pair!

    Deborah, you are so right. I've only worn these shoes a few days and they're already looking a little used.

    Beth, I picked up another pair last night. I may go back again tomorrow and get a couple more. And I should get more because I spend a lot of time in the backyard; these shoes won't last long with me!

  4. Martha girl where did you find those clogs ! Now you are officially in the gardeners are nuts club ! LOL
    I am so waiting for the rain today and tomorrow .. it is dry out there and if it rains enough "Millar" the mysterious landscaper said he might be able to haul out my old dying lilac for the new tree which I have NOT found yet.
    Hey .. stop walking by that construction crew just to get wolf calls in that sexy gardener's foot wear !

  5. Joy, I picked these up from the Canadian Tire near my home. How could I resist? At only five bucks, I should have stocked up for several years worth. But they didn't have that many, and certainly not all the sizes. I did manage to pick up one more pair, so I should be good for, oh, a couple of months...LOL...

    I hope your mystery landscaper shows us soon. Even if you don't have the new tree yet, at least a spot will be ready for it.