Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Silliness

It's Easter weekend, so it seems only fitting that today’s silly post revolve around religion. Below are some really funny church signs that I’ve found on the internet. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

(By the way, there are a lot of photos, so I apologize to those of you with a slow connection, although I did make sure the photos are reasonably-sized.)

My favourite one:


  1. Good laughs from this Martha girl !
    We can use them here with what we have gone through .. LOL
    This weather .. is TOO HOT .. I want proper fresh cool Spring weather before we get dropped in THIS ! LOL

  2. Hiya Joy! I was thinking about you when I uploaded these photos. With all the craziness that you've been going through, a little humour may help. I agree about the weather. I don't want to skip spring and head into summer. Spring is my favourite season of the year and I want the refreshing, cool weather that goes with it. Let's hope we get it!

  3. Hilarious, Martha! Thanks for the laugh! The one that made me laugh loudest was the inadvertantly funny one, with the two sermon titles: "Preparing for Marriage" and "A Look at Hell."

  4. Oh, I loved that one too, Beth! I can imagine how much attention it drew. Perhaps it was done on purpose?

    I still love the last one the best; I can just imagine God saying that.