Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Tulips Are Still On Their Way

I know, I know; it hasn’t even been a whole week since I posted about the tulips being on their way, and here I am again. I can’t help myself, you guys. Spring is my favourite time of year, and every pretty flower that shows itself is a celebration of the renewal of the outdoor botanical world.


This is where the tulips are to date:

They’re so close to opening; so wonderfully close. Even the foliage is amazing.

Obviously I’ll be back with more photos of these lovely bulbs. Lucky you...


  1. See? I told you those tulips would be fine in the cold! :-) I don't blame you for being excited, Martha. I love the foliage on those tulips, too. It is gorgeous.

  2. You were so right, Beth! I've actually never grown tulips, so there's double excitement involved here; enough to have me doing the happy gardener's dance :) You gotta love spring with all the pretty bulbs in bloom.