Saturday, April 17, 2010

You Can Never Have Too Many Areas To Plant In

Hubby and I spent last weekend carving out a new planting area, which will consist mostly of plants that will invite hummingbirds and butterflies. Or at least, that’s the reason I gave when I announced to my husband “I want to dig out some grass in the middle of the yard to make a new area to plant flowers in”. And when he raised his eyebrows with a look of fear in his eyes (“Groan...I just know she’s going to include me in this project”), I added: “I’d like to build a butterfly and hummingbird type garden. Wouldn’t that be nice to look at while we’re all having supper?” Of course, it would.

And so we went to work...

We started by carving out the spot and digging up the soil:

(Notice the robin in the top right corner? He was hoping we’d dig up some worms for him.)

When we looked at the area from the kitchen window, we realized that is was crooked, so the next day we worked with a measuring tape:

Once we finished carving out the area, we added a border:

And all the while, Mr. Robin was hanging around:

You’d think I didn’t have enough areas around the home that are in need of greenery when I went ahead and carved up this one., where else can I carve out a flower bed? (Yes, that’s my husband you hear groaning...)


  1. Cute, the robin hanging around. He must have heard you say butterflies were coming. One of my first butterfly garden mistakes was to put a birdbath next to the parsley I planted for Black Swallowtail larva to munch on. Birds were flying in for a drink and a snack.

  2. Hi Nelljean, you're right; he must have heard that, and he must have been thrilled that I was going to dig up the soil - and expose worms for him!

    It's funny you should mention the birdbath; I added one to that plot and have decided that it's not a good idea, after all, to make it a butterfly garden. Maybe just another planting area with pretty flowers.