Monday, May 10, 2010

Congratulations To The New Parents!

I bet you’re expecting me to write about friends, neighbours or family members who just had a baby, aren’t you? Well, I’m not. Although technically it is neighbours of mine that just had babies (more than one!), they are of the ‘feathery’ kind.

You see, Mr. & Mrs. Robin who built their nest at the top of an eavestrough that runs up the back wall of the house have had their babies! I’m not sure how many there are; the nest is much too high, and even with binoculars, I still can’t make out how many little robins there are because the babies are still too small and their little heads don’t quite make it over the side of the nest. But I have spotted a couple of little beaks waving in the air as the parents feed them, so there are certainly two of them. There could be more, and I’ll find out as soon as the little ones fly the coop. Literally.

In the meantime, I am really excited about this. I have a little bird family living here with us and I’ll get to see the step-by-step process of the development of the baby birds. It is so much fun!

The first clue that the babies had hatched was this:

It’s part of a robin egg shell. My husband noticed it and pointed it out to me. When I saw it, my heart stopped for a second because I thought the egg (or a baby bird) had fallen out of the nest, or some predator had attacked the nest and killed the unborn robins. So I was pretty horrified at first, but then I noticed that the robin parents were calm and that mama robin was sitting on her nest peacefully. And I said with relief, “Oh my God! The babies hatched” My husband looked at me quizzically and said “Yeah, what did you think?”

Sometimes it’s best to assess the situation properly before reacting. It’s better for the heart.

Anyway, I just wanted to announce to the world that my neighbours, Mr. & Mrs. Robin, are the proud parents of x amount of babies. I asked Mr. Robin if he was planning to pass around cigars and he said that he doesn’t smoke and will pass around grubs instead. He offered me one; I thanked him for his generosity but I politely refused. For obvious reasons.


  1. Awww, what a proud parent. And those babies need all the grubs they can get.

  2. Oh my goodness, Tatiana, they are so cute. I saw the babies this morning; there are actually three of them. And they're quite large! It shouldn't be much longer before they attempt to fly. And I'll get to witness the whole thing!