Monday, May 31, 2010

Gazanias Starting To Bloom

I have my favourites in the garden, and Gazanias are one of them. I’ve been eager to see the amazing flowers that a Gazania makes and it looks like it’s starting to happen.

Here’s a pretty bloom opening up:

Isn’t it lovely? Can’t wait to see some more.


  1. That's beautiful! I can see why you like Gazanias so. It really is so exciting when your flowers start to bloom. I'm growing my annuals from seed this year, and it's a little frustrating to have to wait so long for them to grow and bloom. I guess maybe it will teach me patience! :-)

  2. Beth, I discovered these flowers this year, during the cold months, in a garden magazine. And I was in love :) So when I saw them at the garden center, I had to snatch some up and plant them in my garden. There weren't that many of them, which is surprising, but at least I have some to enjoy.

    Wow, annuals from seed? That does require patience!

  3. Ha are right, Liza, she really is a looker. Heads are turning in the garden, I tell you :)