Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How About Some Annuals?

This year is mostly about perennials since the entire landscape was void of greenery and in desperate need of some, but that doesn’t mean I’m not squeezing in an annual or two – or three or four – when possible. Annuals are wonderful for containers that decorate the deck or entranceway of a home, and they’re also attractive additions, albeit temporary, to perennial gardens.

So, with that being said, here are a few lovely annuals placed around my home:

1) New Guinea Impatiens ‘Divine Cherry Red’

I can’t stress enough how much I love New Guinea Impatiens; they are one of my favourite annuals for the garden, mostly because of their cool-looking foliage. This one caught my interest because of the deep red flowers it will produce. I picked up one, planted it in a container and placed it in front of the house for the world to see.

2) Osteospermum ‘Purple Red’

If the flowers look anything like what the tags promises, I’ll be in heaven. I picked up three of these, planted them all in the same container and placed them at the front of the house.

3) Dahlietta Caroline

You gotta love dahlias; they are simply stunning. No garden should be without a few of these. I picked up this one for its dark red flowers and potted it up with the plant below.

4) Magilla Perilla

A coleus look-alike, I couldn’t resist this plant with gorgeous leaves. Little did I know (I discovered this after I took it home and did some research on it) that it’s an extremely popular foliage annual. Even if it wasn’t, I still would have picked it up.

Dahlietta Caroline & Magilla Perilla are planted together in a container that sits in front of the house.

5) Goldalia Orange

It’s taken a huge amount of self-control to keep from bringing home every type of dahlia I run across. I’ve been relatively reasonable until now and only brought home a few, like this one with its gorgeous orange blooms with yellow centers. I planted it in a container that I placed on the deck.

That’s all the annuals for this post. There are a few more to list but I’ll write about them one another day.


  1. I got Osteospermums last year, and didn't end up liking them very much. The flowers are great, but they were also pretty much over, here, by the time we actually moved into the house (end of May / beginning of June), and then the plant just kind of sat there looking unhappy until a few small, sad flowers showed up in the fall. And at work, we had a hard time keeping mites off of them, though I don't think mites were a problem outdoors at home.

    As you're farther north, I wonder if you'll get a better performance out of yours.

    I liked Perilla, though for all the plants we had and sold, I can't say I've ever seen them used that much around here. Don't know why that is.

  2. I had perilla for the first time last year and it grew really well. I do like some annuals in pots so that you can move them to bare spots in the garden, or move them just on a whim for a different look.

  3. Really, Mr. S? That's too bad; I do hope that our weather will encourage them to bloom a little more, or to be a little happier. I'll have to wait and see. There's always the possibility that we'll end up having one of those dry, hot summers, which will totally suck for this plant. Cause you know that in Canada we only have two real seasons: Winter and heat wave :)

    I do love the Perilla, though, for its fabulous foliage. I can't say I've seen it much around here either. I'll have to look more carefully to see if anyone is growing this plant when I'm taking walks around the neighbourhood.

    Crafty gardener, I'm happy to hear that about the perilla; it's such a lovely-looking plant. I've never grown it before, so it'll be an experiment. And like you, I enjoy potting up some annuals to be placed around the home. I also move pots around throughout the season.