Monday, May 17, 2010

How About Some Herbs?

It would make sense that someone who enjoys homemade food as much as I do would add herbs to the garden. And so I did.

Here’s what I got:

1) Rosemary

I like rosemary because it’s not only a wonderful seasoning but it’s also a pretty plant. Even if I didn’t use rosemary in my cooking, I’d still want to grow it.

2) Dill

I’ve known about the lovely taste and aroma of dill since I was a child because my mother uses it in some of her meals. I now use it in some of my own recipes.

3) Parsley

I go through a lot of this popular herb, so it makes sense to grow my own.

4) Mint

I love the wonderful aroma and unique taste of this widely-known herb.

5) Oregano

My kitchen is never without oregano; not a week goes by that I don’t use it.

6) Basil

I don’t use basil as often as some of the other herbs, but I love the scent, and it reminds me of my father who simply adored it.

With the exception of oregano and mint that are planted in the ground because they’re supposed to be winter hardy, the rest of the herbs are in clay pots on the deck. I hardly have any experience growing herbs, so it should prove to be interesting.


  1. Oooh I can't wait to get some herbs going. I've never grown them either - my basil experiment was a fail last year as it went to seed. But I'll definitely be acquiring a few plants soon.

  2. I'd suggest getting the mint into a pot instead! I've had some wintering in a container for many years now on a sheltered part of my patio but would never even consider planting it where it would be free to spread.

  3. Tatiana, I love herbs, even if it's just to have them sitting in a container outside just to look at - or smell. I don't have much experience with them, but I'll learn as I go along. Should be fun!

    Andrew, you are right about the mint spreading like crazy. It can be quite invasive, so I've planted in the ground in a container so the roots are restricted and the plant can't spread. I didn't know this until recentl; I was speaking to my mother on the phone about this and she mentioned it to me! You can imagine that I was out in the garden the next day making sure this plant isn't allowed to spread!