Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How About Some More Annuals?

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, this year is mostly about perennials, but that doesn’t mean that annuals are completely excluded. Here are a few more that I picked up recently:

1) Begonia

This plant came without a tag, so I don’t know exactly what name to use for it; all I know is that it’s some type of begonia. A yellow one. I picked up one and potted it together with the plants below.

2) Coleus ‘Black Dragon’

Very showy and easy to grow, you really can’t go wrong with coleus. I bought four of these and placed them around the yellow begonia I wrote about above. The pot is in front of the house.

Everything is still too small to draw attention, but it’ll grow in time.

3) Geranium

A very popular annual that I just couldn’t resist; I picked up one and placed it on the deck in back of the house.

4) Osteospermum

The tag did not specify what type of Osteospermum this is, so I really can’t get more specific about it. I do know that I really liked it when I spotted it and had to have it. I brought one home that I placed on the deck in back of the house.

5) Unknown (Possibly a dahlia?)

There was no tag on this plant, so I have no idea what it is. And when I asked at the garden center, they didn’t know either. I brought it home anyways (it was too pretty to leave behind) and placed it on the deck in back of the house.

6) Bidens ferulifolia

This lovely plant produces bright yellow, scented flowers. I bought two that I added to the new flower bed in the back of the house. That planting area consists mostly of perennials but I thought a couple of annuals wouldn’t hurt if they’re pretty enough.

7) Verbena x hybrida

This is another pretty annual that I didn’t mind adding to the mix of perennials in the new flower bed, especially because of its purple-blue flowers and the fact that it will bloom from spring to fall with very little fuss.

The new flower bed is almost full (there is room for only a couple more plants) and it looks like this:

And that completes another round of pretty annuals. I don’t know if I’ll be adding any more this year, but if I do, you know I’m going to tell you all about it.


  1. #1 is a Tuberous Begonia ('Begonia x tuberhybrida' or 'Tuberhybrida Group' or 'Tuberosa Group' or whatever they're calling it these days.)
    #5, I'm also pretty certain that's a dahlia.

  2. Your flower bed is so pretty. I like begonias but have not luck with them. I always kill them.Sad but true. I am a geranium nut though and always add more every summer to hold over from the year before. Your red one is lovely.I just got my Mom one of those Osteospermums for a Mothers Day planter. That blue center caught my eye too. It does look like a dahlia.

  3. Ivynettle, thanks for the info! I hate that garden centers don't properly tag their plants. It's nice to know what you're buying so you can look up some information about it when you get home.

    Thanks hocking hills_gardener! I carved out that flower bed this year because I wanted a place to add a lot of pretty flowers in an informal way. I can also see that flower bed from my kitchen window, which is kind of nice. I've discovered that I love dahlias. I've never grown them before so it's fun trying something new.

  4. There's something to be said for mystery plants... half my yard is still a mystery to me, but hey - that's what makes it fun.

  5. That's so true, Tatiana. I have things surfacing in the flowers bed I'm working on. I'm not sure if it's old perennials that the previous owners of the house had added. Or if it's weeds! I guess time will tell :)