Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jolly The Gnome

I added a new gnome to the garden:

I decided to name this one ‘Jolly’ because he is smiling, somewhat. He’s been given the job of tending to the sunflowers. And although it doesn’t look like a difficult job right now because the plants are still so small, they’re going to grow huge and it’ll be much more difficult to tend to them. That’s when Jolly the gnome is going to stop smiling – and stop being jolly.

At some point he’ll throw the wheelbarrow across the lawn and go on strike. He may even take Chuckles and Smiley with him. They’ll all demand higher salaries, fewer hours, more vacation time and additional employees to ease their workload. And if they don’t get what they want, they may get really unruly and decide to vandalize the garden at some point. The sunflowers will become hostages and the gnomes will threaten to cut off the flower heads.

Man, oh man... It’s going to get ugly.

What was I thinking when I got the gnomes?

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