Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look What I Have!

Right next door to me lives an 89-year-old grandmother (and great grandmother) who continues to garden, which is amazing. It’s amazing that she’s reached 89, that she’s in relatively good health for her age and that she’s still puttering around the garden. This is something she loves, she told me earlier this week, and although it’s getting really difficult to do it, she still attempts to garden every year.


Anyhow, I found out (from her daughter) that this spirited grandma is pleased that I enjoy gardening, and that she’s really impressed by the progression of my landscaping efforts since we moved into our home. “Already, it’s looking so much better” Gardeny-grandma said.

So the other day, this 89-year-old gardener waved me over and offered me [drum roll please!] some Iris pallida ‘Aureo Variegata’, commonly-known as Gold-variegated Sweet Iris. I was so ecstatic that I was tempted to do the happy-gardener's dance around her driveway. Instead, I scurried over to my shed to get a shovel and a container. I dug up some baby plants, potted them up, thanked this wonderful lady over and over again, and hurried back to my yard to select a spot for them. I took home six little Irises, planted three (two in my new flower bed and one under my kitchen window) and gave the other three to my friend Joy who has already given me so many lovely plants from her garden.

Take a look:

Isn't this the coolest plant ever? And I have three of them! They’re really tiny right now, but they’ll grow big and strong in no time.

I hope that if I am fortunate enough to live that long, I’m able to continue to putter around my garden just like granny next door does. God bless her!


  1. That's really beautiful---I've never seen an iris with that variegated foliage before. I know your sweet neighbor lady must have been thrilled to be able to share her garden treasures with you. And it's wonderful that you were able to return Joy's gardening love.

  2. Thats the beauty of gardening. It keeps you fit so you can keep going and do more gardening. what a lovely gift to receive and you are so nice to give one to your friend too. I've seen a green and white iris but this is a lovely shade of gold....lucky you!! Please show us more photos when its grown and in bloom. Michaela

  3. Beth, the only place I've seen this lovely plant is in my neighbour's front yard. When my neighbour called me over to offer me some of these plants, I was thrilled. And yes, I was really happy to be able to share garden babies with my friend Joy.

    Hi urban dirt girl, this was definitely a wonderful gift to receive. And I was more than happy to share some with my friend who has shared so much with me already. I will take photos throughout this gardening season to post its progress.