Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Not So Fun Aspects Of Gardening

Up until recently, I hadn’t touched one area in my backyard that was in need of a cleanup to prepare it for planting. It’s a very large flower bed that will accommodate a variety of plants. And the reason I hadn’t bothered to clean it up while I puttered around the garden is that I was waiting for my neighbour’s Magnolia tree, part of which hangs into my yard, to finish blooming and dump the petals. Well, once most of the spent flowers had fallen, I decided to get out there and start working on that area.

This is what it looked like before I cleaned it up:

Pretty discouraging, huh?

Well, with gardening tools in hand, a few prayers to the botanical gods and a lot of pep talks to self that included statements like “I know this is a crappy job, but think of all the plants you can grow here” (major motivator), I cleaned up the area, turned the soil over and prepared it for future perennials.

Now it looks like this:

There was no one to pat me on the back, which I certainly deserved, so I did the happy gardener’s dance instead. I’d forgotten about the construction workers working nearby. [blush]


  1. Hey there Martha !
    I owe you an e-mail girl .. I have been busy with appointments and then rushing to plant that order I had from Floral & Hardy .. I can wait to see how the plants make out .. they are so pretty in the pictures LOL
    Yes .. that is a big job and hey .. who cares if those guys see you do the garden happy dance ;-) hahaha
    Super job girl !

  2. Joy, I got your email; there's no need to worry about it! I know how busy it's been, and you don't have to write back to me right away; write whenever you can - and whenever you want.

    Your landscaping stuff looks pretty cool on your end of town; can't wait to see your garden in full bloom!