Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Roses Are Red...

...or at least that’s what I hope to see in my garden later this summer from the rose bush (well, twig for now) that hubby and I planted this past weekend. In the rain, to boot.

Tiny, isn’t it? But it’s supposed to be a vigorous grower that will eventually reach a height anywhere from 4 to 7 feet. It also promises to display clusters of bright red flowers all season. And it’s hardy, handling the cold seasons all the way down to zone 2, which is more than I need for my Canadian winters.

Here’s a picture of the tag that came with the plant:

I’ve never heard of this rose (not that I know much about roses since I’ve never grown any in the past, aside from a couple of miniatures), so if anyone is familiar with it, please drop me a line and share some information about it.


  1. I recently finished reading the $64.00 Tomato, and there is a tragi-comic story of how his lawn almost met its demise from the roses he planted. Now I'm a bit worried about the consequences... :)

  2. Ha ha...Tatiana, I'm not much of a lawn person, so the thought of some of my lawn disappearing wouldn't be such a bad thing :)

    Now I'm curious about the $64.00 Tomato. It sounds hilarious. I should check my local library, which is walking distance from my home, to see if they have it.