Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Silliness

It’s time to tickle the funny bone once again. And this time, I thought you’d all enjoy some cartoons.

Let’s do it...


  1. They were a great giggle to see this morning Martha : )
    I can hardly move .. I so want to plant my babies in the garden but I might have to take today completely off with the full body OUCH screaming at me haha.
    The back garden is in a shocking state with the patio pulled up .. but we know Millar will be back Monday .. hopefully ? LOL
    I can't wait to have this finished so I can just play in the garden and poor John can go golfing/fishing ;-) hehehehe

  2. Oh, Joy, I'm sorry to hear that. And don't push yourself. If you need to take the day off, do it. There are so many days and weeks ahead for gardening. And don't worry about the garden babies; they're potted up, so they can wait without a problem.