Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Single Photograph

I find this photo really endearing, so I thought I’d share it with all of you:

It’s a picture of my daughter holding Bailey just a few days after we brought him home last August. He was really tiny; only a few weeks old. I love the look of baby animals; they really do look like babies.

What I like most is the loving look on my daughter’s face; a promise to a baby animal that he’ll be cherished. And he is.


  1. Awww...that's a wonderful photo, Martha. I see such a tenderness and sweetness in your daughter's expression. Bailey is a very lucky ferret to be so loved.

    By the way, your daughter's really cute!

  2. Martha that is such a sweet picture !
    Did you print it so you can have it framed ? As long as you keep the full format it would be great : )
    I love the rain we are having .. even if it delays the landscaping a bit .. I'm still trying to recover from last week and this darn head cold .. ugh !!!

  3. Hi Beth, thank you - about my daughter! That is very sweet; I will make sure to pass on your compliment. She will be pleased.

    Bailey is really, really loved. And because of that, he's so gentle and so cuddly.

    Joy, I love this picture. I made an 8 x 10, framed it and put it in my daughter's room - whether she likes it or not...LOL... It's just too beautiful.

    I was grateful for the rain this morning. It's about time! Let's hope for more.