Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spectacular Sunflowers

Look what followed me home last week:

Aren’t they just amazing?

Oh, how I adore sunflowers. I would love to have an entire flower bed consisting of different types of these gorgeous annuals - that I wish were perennials in my zone.


So my wonderful husband carved out a circle in the backyard where I will plant fall bulbs this year. And for now, I decided to grow sunflowers in that spot. Six of them.

Take a look:

To add some contrast, I planted six Matthiola incana between the sunflowers up front:

This is what the circle looks like with yellow and purple blooms:

This is one of the loveliest views from my kitchen window. I can’t wait to see these sunflowers when they reach their full height. It’s going to be spectacular!


  1. Martha girl where did you find the sunflowers at ? That circle is going to look spectacular !
    I have slowed down to a crashing halt here now .. I pushed myself way too hard (but hey .. it was fun !!) now I have the head cold back .. I was awake at 4 this morning with a sore scratchy throat ... drats !
    I have more areas to fill in with soil .. I need more mulch .. I gave the Burning Bush in front a terrible "haircut" I was over tired .. I finally realized I have to take a time out before I cut any more "hair" ? in the garden ! LOL
    Love those sunflowers girl !

  2. Joy, my dear, I picked these up at WalMart. They were a little pricey but since I've been so good with all the rest of the plants, I decided to treat myself to these. After these plants are done in the fall, the circle will be filled with bulbs, so that will be fun too!

    I'm sorry to hear about your cold; it sucks being sick this time of year. And I told you to slow down in the garden! Yes, it's best now to take a little break and recuperate.