Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Tulips Are Here! Yahoo!

The tulips have finally bloomed.


Aren’t they just lovely amongst the daffodils?

Now, excuse me while I do the gardener’s happy dance!


  1. Martha girl : ) Mine are opening too but with such chaos here and tight spaces with things all over the place it is hard to appreciate them .. but .. I do have a few pictures which I will post when I get a chance : )
    You have great shadows to join the Sunday Shadow Shot meme ! LOL
    I think I need another day of REST .. so much has gone on I just can't seem to catch up with it all .. and Millar should be back tomorrow ? hum ? maybe ? LOL

  2. Joy, my dear, I might consider joining Sunday Shadow Shot; I'll have to see if I can squeeze that into my crazy week.

    I hope you are getting some rest over there; don't burn yourself out!