Monday, May 24, 2010

What’s New In The Garden?

So here I am again with some new additions to the garden. This post includes annuals, perennials and even vegetables (just a couple).

1) Salvia ‘Red Hot Sally’

I never knew of these pretty annuals until I started working on the garden this year. I picked up a packet of four, planted each one separately in a small container, and placed them all in front of the house. I used to have the Gazanias up front, but decided to move them to the back of the house where they’ll receive even more sun (Gazanias get preferential treatment).

2) Petunia ‘Daddy Blue’

I’m not sure why the colour of these flowers is referred to as blue; they look purple to me. Even the photo on the plant tag depicts the blooms as blue when in actual fact, they’re not blue at all. Whatever. They’re very pretty, either way.

I picked up a set of four and planted them in a container along with some gazanias that I bought.

3) Gazania ‘Daybreak Bright Yellow’

It surprises me how few gazanias I’ve seen locally. Don’t people know that these are the best flowers ever? Anyhow, I picked up a packet of four of these, planted one of the four with the petunias above and the other three together in a container. All the petunias and gazanias are sitting on the deck at the back of the house where they’ll bask in the sun.

4) Begonia

The impatiens in the front of the house was very lonely, so I picked up a red begonia to keep it company. My favourite colours for begonias are red and yellow. I have both now, so I think I’m done with these plants. Or so I say.

5) Echinacea purpurea ‘Ruby Star’

I just can’t get enough of coneflowers, so here’s another one. I added the ‘Ruby Star’ to the right side of the yard.

6) Dahlia (Some type or other...)

I don’t know what kind of dahlia this is (it wasn’t tagged) but it’s so gorgeous that I just couldn’t leave it behind. It’s basking in the sun in a container on the deck.

7) Lysimachia ciliata ‘Firecracker’

I really like the burgundy-purple foliage of this plant. I’m expecting to see starry yellow flowers in the summer, which will be nice. I picked up one of these and added it to the right side of the house...

...which now looks like this:

8) Sweet Bell Peppers

Even though I’d love to, I’m not going to get into vegetable gardening this year. There are just too many other things that need to get done; I haven’t even had a chance to carve out the vegetable patch. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a sliver of it in containers. That being said, I picked up a couple of pepper plants.


And orange:

The pepper plants are potted up together in a large container that is sitting in the sun out back.

I’ve never grown peppers before, so it’ll be an interesting experience. Let’s hope for the best.

9) Cherry Tomato

I really like cherry tomatoes in a salad or on their own. They’re sweet and juicy. I picked up one of these plants at WalMart for just a few bucks and placed it in the sun out back. It’s grown considerably since I’ve brought it home, so I’m confident that it’s happy in its new home.

And that’s all for today, folks. There are still some plants to write about but not that many. The flower beds are starting to fill up and I’ve slowed down on the purchases. I’ll be happy when it’s all done and I can just concentrate on maintenance.


  1. Your garden is going to be awesome when it is finished. You certainly are having lots of fun choosing and buying plants.

  2. Thank you, crafty gardener! It's already so much better than last year. Eventually I'll put up some before and after shots. The difference between what the house looked like when we bought it as opposed to this year is incredible.

    And yes, I am having a lot of fun selecting plants for the garden!

  3. Speaking of salvia, one of the salvias, I believe it's salvia divinorum, is smoked like pot. Useless trivia. And I love the wee veggies - peppers have such pretty shiny leaves and the tomato looks ready to produce soon.

  4. Really Tatiana? That's funny about the salvia. I wonder if teenage kids would be snipping off leaves of that salvia if their parents grew it...ha ha...

    Yup, I love the veggies too. It's a start. Next year, I'll be growing a lot more.