Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo Of Bailey

Ferrets don’t know – or care – where you buy their toys, how much you spend on them or how great you think they are. Because the bottom line is that they’ll decide what’s cool – or not.

Bailey has decided that the cool toy of the day is my flip-flop:

Don’t know what he finds exciting about my shoe, but there you have it.

(Just a reminder: Do not let your ferrets play with shoes like this unsupervised. They have rubber in them (something ferrets love to chew to pieces) and your pets will end up swallowing bits and pieces that may get lodged in their intestines.)


  1. Ha ! must have some ferrety "nip" smell to the rubber perhaps ? LOL

  2. Ha are probably right, Joy. And that would remind him of 'his kind'. Har har har...