Monday, June 28, 2010

A Gem Of A Plant

I’ve never grown most of the plants that I’ve added to my garden this year, so I really have no idea whether they’re worth having or not, whether they’re difficult or easy to care for, or even if I’ll want to continue to grow them.

But I do know one thing:

Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ is one of the most amazing plants I’ve run across in a long time.

It went from this... this...

...within just a few short weeks.

Not only does it grow quickly, it’s not fussy, at all. And the leaves are licorice-scented.

If you’re looking for a gem of a plant, try the Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’. You won’t be disappointed.


  1. Holy grower, batman! Seems to like your soil that's for sure. Also the second photo is much more polished looking with better light - cool. Sadly it's not hardy here, but I looked at some images - it's stunning when it blooms too.

  2. Bees & Butterflies love it too, one of my favourite plants.

  3. Ha ha...that's too funny, Tatiana. Holy grower is right! It's too bad this gorgeous plant won't survive your winters; you would love it.

    Yup, the first photo wasn't all that great, but even so, the plant looked a little beat up when it was really small. Now it's just amazing.

    Andrew, I never knew of this plant before this year, but I'm so glad I do now. It's spectacular. Looks great. No fuss. What more can you ask for?