Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Single Photograph

Yesterday, my older daughter celebrated her 18th birthday; she is now of legal age. An adult. One of us.

It’s really hard for me to believe that she’s already 18. It seems like only yesterday that she was this small:

Small enough to carry in my arms.


The years go by so quickly...much too quickly...


  1. Haha, kids are like measuring sticks, aren't they? Designed to tell us exactly how much time has passed. Quickly.

  2. You are right, Liza. For every year that my children age, so do I!

  3. Hi Martha .. I am back tracking on your blog .. I never seem to have enough time after working in the garden or house cleaning.
    I know this is bittersweet for you .. but a bit theraputic too perhaps .. posting this ? I hope so ..

  4. Yup, you got that right, Joy. Bittersweet...and therapeutic! You are such a good friend...and how well you know me...:)