Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Single Photograph

Don’t you have days when all you want to be doing is this?

Yeah, me too.

(Photo taken August 2003 at Parc Safari)


  1. Martha girl .. after we try very hard to clean house today .. well .. that picture will be me .. only on my bed ? LOL
    I love the rain today !!! BIG HAPPY sigh : )

  2. I could of done that during all the heat we just had.

  3. Ha ha...I know what you mean, Joy. I feel the same way this weekend. I'm sooooo tired today that sleeping it away would have been great. Unfortunately, I had too much to do and never got a chance to so much as take a power nap :(

    Me too, crafty gardener. When it's really hot, I tend to feel very tired. It really drains me.