Monday, July 5, 2010

Can You See The Baby Robin... this photo?


How about in this one?

Still can’t see him?

Let’s try a couple more...

Ah, there he is.

Here’s the story...

Mr. & Mrs. Robin, the wonderful parents that I wrote about not too long ago, had a second set of babies; this time four, although only three of them survived. That discovery was very sad and I won’t be writing details about it, but I will say that I’m extremely grateful that my husband found the dead baby instead of me; he handles things like that much better than I do.

So. How did I get such a closeup shot of a baby robin that should be in its nest very high up off the ground, you ask?


I was cutting down the lilac bush a few days ago, and as I was doing that, Mr. Robin (papa Robin), who I’ve become very fond of, and who has been hanging out with me all summer, was bouncing around me, chirping as though he was completely stressed about something. This was highly unusual because he’s very comfortable with me and I had no idea what he was scolding me about or trying to tell me.

I thought maybe it was because there were worms near by that he wanted to retrieve to feed the kids and I was in his way. Or maybe it was because I was standing directly beneath his nest and it caused him anxiety. The former reason sounded reasonable but the latter didn’t, because even though I was technically below the nest, the nest itself is about 20 feet off the ground, so there was no way I could get to it. You know, wingless human that I am and all that. And besides, I’d stood underneath the nest before since our garden hose is located there and Mr. Robin never seemed agitated.


My husband came outside at one point and I told him about Mr. Robin’s erratic behaviour and that I didn’t understand what his problem was or why he was so stressed by my presence and yadda, yadda, yadda. And all of a sudden my husband’s eyes got big and round and with a worried look on his face he said “Stop cutting the lilac; I know what Mr. Robin’s problem is. One of his babies is in there”


I dropped my garden tools, concerned that I might have injured Mr. Robin’s baby without meaning to. But thankfully I hadn’t; the baby was just fine. I’m guessing that he tried to fly the coop that day but hadn’t been as successful as he’d hoped for. Rather, he probably spiraled downward and ended up falling into the lilac bush. Maybe that bush even helped break his fall. In any case, baby robin wasn’t hurt and papa Robin finally calmed down because when I realized what the problem was, I moved far away from the bush. Furthermore, even though baby robin wouldn’t come out of the lilac or make any noise to alert his parents of his whereabouts, papa robin knew where baby robin was and brought him some food, which put my mind at ease because I was concerned that papa robin wouldn’t feed him like he was feeding the rest of the babies that were still in the nest and baby robin in the lilac bush would die of starvation. I know, I know, highly unlikely. So that worry was put to rest, but soon enough it was replaced by another one – the cat. Or rather, cats. There are a few cats in the neighbourhood that are allowed to go outdoors and I began to worry that one of them would show up and try to get baby robin. I kept an eye on the little dude (or dudette; could be a female baby robin) for as long as I could and finally left it to chance. In the morning, baby robin was not in the bush anymore. I chose to believe that he (or she) had flown to safety. Good thoughts. Always have good thoughts.

So that’s the story.

Now, here’s another photo of baby robin.

Isn’t this little ball of feathers just the cutest thing? I was tempted to stick my hand through the branches and pet his little head. But I didn’t think that would have gone over very well with baby robin. Or papa robin, for that matter. So I just snapped some photos instead.


  1. Great photos of the baby robin. They are so much fun to watch. We have a robin nesting over the front light again, and I'm trying to get some photos.

  2. Crafty gardener, this is the first time in my life that I've had a bird family living near us. It's very exciting. And this baby robin was just the cutest little thing.